Is 5 Star Essays Legit? (*Also Operates Under Shark Papers)

5Star Essays

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  • Foreign company
  • Mislead customers with false claims
  • Operating under multiple business names

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Who is 5 Star Essays?

Good question! Unfortunately, we don’t have a great answer for you. One thing we can tell you is that they also operate under the name Shark Papers. The company makes a point of saying they’re in the United States, even though they clearly are not.

Look at this…

5 Star Essays claims to be in the United States.

But look at what we found when we looked up their domain…

Domain is registered in Iceland

5 Star Papers has a domain registered in Iceland, not the United States. We talked to a chat agent, Paul, who kept saying they’re located in California. When we said we were looking for a foreign-run essay service, here’s what he said.

Chat agent denies location of company

Despite our calling attention to the Icelandic domain registration, the chat agent continued to deny that they’re a foreign essay writing service.

5 Star Papers is Also Shark Papers:

There was a continual flow of pop-ups advertising that clients were signing up for Shark Papers. These pop-ups roll by on a steady flow to the point of being distracting while you’re trying to navigate the site.

Strange messages kept popping up about “Shark Papers.”
Shark Papers and 5 Star Essays are the same company.

So, Shark Papers and 5 Star Essays are the same company. Got it!

How Much is a Paper?

To get a basic estimate, you need to create an account complete with personal phone number! Crazy! We gave a false email and phone so we could get an estimate for you. Here’s what we got. Our prompt was for a 1-page book report with one source, due in 2 days.

Price per page for a book report

Online Reviews:

There are not many reviews available for 5 Star Essays. They’re mostly positive, which could mean they’re a great company with few customers, or that they’re “fake” reviews. We have no idea. The best thing to do in a case like this, is combine everything we find in our research (using all of the info contained in this review) and make your final decision based on the findings. reviews for 5 Star Essays. reviews for 5 Star Essays.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Any company that refuses to disclose their origin is a company we refuse to recommend. Why be so secretive about where you’re located? Even when we caught the chat agent in lies, he kept going with them, refusing to back down and admit the company is located in Iceland!

Their prices are reasonable, but only if you’re going to get an American or Canadian writer (or anyone whose first language is English). We doubt that’s the case here.

Any relationship built on lies is on shaky ground, even if it’s a business relationship. 5 Star Essays is really Shark Papers, so why run two websites for one company? To corner the market?

This whole thing smells fishy to us…

In a Nutshell:

We don’t recommend this essay writing service. They are operating under multiple names, lying about their location, misleading prospective customers on chat, forcing you to provide personal information like email and phone just to get an estimate, and a host of other no-no’s.

If they want to lie about where they’re located, then we will not send business their way. We highly recommend you shop around because 5 Star Essays is NOT a good choice.

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