Is 6 Dollars Essay Legit?

$6 Essay

$18.50 for 2 days' notice high school








  • Low prices
  • Basic services offered


  • Foreign company
  • Pushy chat agents
  • Prices low, but much higher than their name implies

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sixdollarsessay homepage

Who is 6 Dollars Essay?

That name doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue, does it? We think it’s the “s” on dollars that makes it tough. Rather than “Six-Dollar Essay,” it is “6 Dollars Essay.” Hmm, well let’s move on and see who is behind the mask at this essay writing service.

There is no address listed on the website, but a chat agent named Austin told us that the company is based in the UK. He said all of the writers are native English speakers from the UK, too.

When we did an IP address search, 6 Dollars Essay appears to be in Germany, not the UK as the chat agent said.

IP address for 6 Dollars Essay is in Germany

Would you want these guys writing your papers? Read some samples of “weird” wording we collected from the site and the chat agent.

Riddled with spelling errors, strange phrasing, and completely illegible.

Is it Really $6?

Believe it or not: Yes. We’ll admit, we were really curious about the name of the company and if there is any scenario under the sun that offered customers $6 per page (for example, with a really long deadline) and we got our answer.

IF you want a very basic paper and can give 15+ days deadline, then yes you can get $6 per page. We strongly caution you to ask what kind of paper you’ll receive if you pay only $6 per page and the company is foreign.

Below shows the criteria to get a $6 per page quote: You need 15 days notice.

To get $6 per page you need to give over 2 weeks notice on your project
A 2 day deadline on a 2-page book report is far from $6 per page

The price on a 2-page book report with a 2 day deadline is $37. That is still not crazy, but it really feels like bait and switch to call yourself $6 Essay and then charge so much more per page when the customer gives a reasonable deadline. For example, it’s one thing if it goes up to $8 or $10, or even $12 per page, but to go from $6 to $18.50 per page with a reasonable deadline?? That is 3 times higher than their advertised rate! That just feels yucky to us.

Online Reviews:

There are only 2 reviews on sitejabber for $6 Dollars Essay. They look too scripted to be real. For example, read the review below and see if you agree with us that reads more like a paid advertisement than a real customer review.

Sitejabber has only 2 reviews on this company and they seem artificial.

Trustpilot shows no reviews for $6 Dollars Essay.

Trustpilot doesn’t have any reviews listed for $6 Dollars Essay.

Pros & Cons:


  1. If you can wait 15+ days for a paper, you can get ridiculously low prices
  2. Offer the basic services you would want


  1. Falsely claim to be in the US, but are actually in Germany (chat agents say UK, but IP address is listed as Germany)
  2. The only way to get the advertised price is with a ridiculous 15 day deadline
  3. Foreign company that speaks (and would presumably write) in broken English

In a Nutshell:

Well, in formulating our opinion we considered several factors. First, why do so many companies (and this one included) pretend to be in the US, when they are actually in foreign countries? That’s bad enough, but on top of that, some of them like $6 Dollars Essay go the additional step of making up a country altogether. They claim to be in the US, but the chat agent says they’re in the UK. An IP address search reveals they’re in Germany. Oi Vay! Just tell us where you’re at!

These guys are NOT in the US, and a chat agent will confirm that!

Also, when you call yourself $6 Dollars Essay, shouldn’t the price be $6, or at least close to that? The only way we could get near that price was a high school paper (not college) with 15 days notice and no sources or in-depth criteria in the prompt. Even if they called themselves “cheap” or “affordable” that would be one thing. But to specify a price as low as $6, and then charge over 3 times that much with a reasonable deadline is highway robbery.

We do not recommend this essay writing service. Try one that is honest about where they’re located, priced in-line with the competition, and with native English speaking writers. That is the fundamental criteria you should be looking for…and $6 Dollars Essay doesn’t have it!

Keep looking, folks!

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