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  • Nothing worth mentioning


  • Malware threat!
  • Banned from Trustpilot
  • Lying about company location

WARNING!!!! As our research progressed, we learned that this company may be extremely dangerous to work with! Please read this review thoroughly!!!!

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99 Papers homepage

*This note is being inserted AFTER the review was finished. We began our search like any other, but by the time we got to the end, we felt we needed to place warnings throughout this review to show you that you should proceed with 99 Papers with the utmost caution!

Pricing…Are 99 Papers as Cheap as They Claim?

Well, like with most foreign essay writing services, the call to fame is cheap, cheap, cheap prices! Right? But again, just like all the others, sets the homepage calculator at a ridiculously low price that you will never actually get for a paper through their company. They act as if you can get a rate of under $10 per page, but the minute you type in a realistic deadline (not their 15 day deadline), the price escalates significantly.

Too good to be true essay writing prices. Read the deadline on this one!
A more realistic deadline makes the price jump 70%

How it Works

The ordering process is fairly standard. You fill out the information for your project and wait to be assigned a writer. For a lot of prospective customers, they prefer to speak with writers before paying, selecting the writer they feel most comfortable with. At 99 Papers, you do not have that option, as they pick the writer for you.

Where is 99 Papers Located?

We were unable to find that information on the website. They have an email and an 800 number, but nowhere on the website do they mention where they’re located. Judging from the low prices (even with the higher rate/shorter deadline), we would guess they are in Bulgaria or India. But let’s ask a chat agent.

****UPDATE: 99 Papers is located in Japan and is highly dangerous regarding Malware!

Chat agent at 99 Papers tries to tell us they are located in Florida.
Why does 99 Papers charge more for a native English speaker if they’re located in the US?

Very interestingly, “Jade” told me the company is located in Florida, which I’m certain it is not. After doing a domain search, the company domain is in Arizona. That is a head-scratcher, as many things about the site scream foreign company! One of the biggest red flags is that Jade lied and said they’re in Florida, when, at the very least, they’re in Arizona. They most certainly are not in the United States, but why lie about which state you’re going to claim to be located in? None of it makes sense. Moving on…

What Kind of Reviews Do 99 Papers Get Online? reviewer claims 99 Papers is a scam and uses non-native English speaking writers refuses to work with 99 Papers…a very bad sign!

We’ve seen this a few times where Trustpilot puts up a warning like this about an essay writing service. It’s not good! When this mega-review company refuses to allow any contact between them and an online service, it is because Trustpilot feels the company is deceptive, nonconforming to the rules, and dangerous to the public (even on just the level of ripping you off).

Pros & Cons of Hiring 99 Papers to Write for You:


  1. Lower pricing than the competition (even with the “real” rates that are higher than advertised)
  2. Chat agents to answer questions


  1. In good conscience, we cannot recommend this company! Not only will Trustpilot not worth with them, but this message came up during our research, preventing us from even finishing our study.
Dangerous Malware warning while trying to access 99 Papers
99 Papers is located in Japan and is highly dangerous regarding Malware!

2. When we called the 800 number, it rang once and then disconnected. The second time, a foreign customer service agent picked up that struggled with speaking English.

3. 99 Papers seems to have a hard time remembering where they’re located. The chat agent, Jade, told me they’re in Florida, but the domain address shows Arizona. Either way, they’re lying about where they’re located which is odd. Chances are, they’re in a non-native English speaking country.

4. The reviews take particular offense to the apparent unfair refund policy, too. This is worth mentioning as it seems unlikely you’d get a refund regardless of your circumstances.

Our Verdict:

Steer clear from 99 Papers! Between the horrible reviews, Trustpilot displaying warnings about the company and refusing to work with them, chat agents lying about where the company is located, and the dirt cheap rates, it is clear that 99 Papers is not a good choice for an essay writing service. Besides, when our computers are booting us off the site and showing dangerous Malware threats, the only reasonable option is to stay away! There are too many good ones out there to take a chance on these guys.

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