Is Academic Ghost Writer Legit?

Academic Ghost Writer

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  • Foreign essay service
  • Complaints of unfair refund policy
  • Purposely secretive about location

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Who is Academic Ghost Writer?

Academic Ghostwriters doesn’t have an “About Us” page. All we can do is show you what we found when we delved into the service to conduct our research. For starters, they make bold claims.

Zero complaints? That is a bold (and maybe unrealistic claim) by Academic Ghost Writers.

Look at the image above. Zero complaints? Stephen King has published nearly 70 novels, and is arguably the best living horror writer. Go to and look at some of his scathing book reviews. Our point? EVERYONE has critics. Everyone.

Academic Ghost Writers has some basic info about themselves on their website.

The above is pretty standard. It doesn’t really shed any light on who started the company, why they keep going during the tough times, what their customers mean to them, etc.

You’ll see in the review section below, that some have accused Academic Ghost Writers of employing foreign writers, meaning they’re most likely a foreign company to begin with as American essay services use American and native writers.

How Much is a Paper?

The pricing page shows just under $25 per page at Academic Ghost Writer, but they do offer a discount code.

Now, when you take the next steps in filling out your prompt, you’ll quickly see that Academic Ghost Writer is just like all of the other foreign essay writing services in that they’ll try to coax you into upgrading to a “better” writer.

Academic Ghost Writer charges a lot more for various levels of writers.

If you choose a “Premium” writer, then you’ll be paying almost $40 per page!!

A “Premium” writer will cost you nearly $40 per page for a basic essay.

Online Reviews:

We checked on Sitejabber and Trustpilot for reviews for Academic Ghost Writer. We found a handful. While Sitejabber showed 15 reviews, Trustpilot had 18 reviews. The complaints were mostly about Academic Ghost Writer’s refund policy. Some people said that they were only given a 40% refund, but in turn, also had to surrender rights to their paper.

Other reviewers said their paper was not written by a native English speaking writer.

This reviewer said his paper was not written by a native English speaker. reviews for Academic Ghost Writer reviews for Academic Ghost Writer

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Academic Ghost Writer is a foreign essay writing service who uses writers that do not speak English as their first language.

In a Nutshell:

Although Academic Ghost Writer is pretty savvy at disguising their real location, we believe them to be a foreign essay service. The negative online reviews complain that papers were written by people with a lack of understanding of the English language.

Additionally, Academic Ghost Writer’s prices are outrageous. Nearly $40 per page for a basic essay if you want one of their best writers? Come on! And who says you’ll get one of their best for that ridiculous price? There’s no proof to back that up!

One more thing: Make sure you read the review above where the reviewer talks about the unfair refund policy because that’s scary stuff, man!

There are way better writing services out there. It’s your academic career on the line here.

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