Is Assignment Masters Legit?

Assignment Masters

From over $39-almost $50 per page with 2 days' notice







*Assignment Masters and Rush Essay seem to be the same company (and Rush Essay is operating from Kenya, not America)

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Who is Assignment Masters?

Well, for starters, when we visited Assignment Masters’ website for the first time, they gave us a “Welcome Back” message, using a name that we’d used before on other sites as a phony name to conduct research. Let’s just say that Assignment Masters is the same company as Rush Essay, a Cyprus-based essay service.

The first time we visited Assignment Masters, they said “Welcome Back” and called us by name, even though we hadn’t visited their site before.

Why would the chat system say “Welcome Back” and have our dummy name attached to the message? It was our first time on the site. Well this happens a lot. The truth is, there are only so many online essay services. Those few, scoop up a ton of other domains and operate under multiple business names.

When any company operates under multiple business names, it immediately raises all kinds of red flags with us. Why do you need a dozen business names? What are you getting at, you know??

How Much is a Paper?

What kinds of categories are these at Assignment Masters? Never heard of these before!

What kinds of categories are they using at Assignment Masters? “2:2 Standard” means what, exactly? Either way, the prices are cray, y’all! $39+ to almost $50 per page for the most basic essay?? Nuts!

Online Reviews: reviews for Assignment Masters reviews for Assignment Masters show 39 percent bad.
There are good reviews, too, but Sitejabber and Trustpilot show a lot of scam alert type reviews for Assignment Masters.

There are good reviews, too, but trusted sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot show a lot of scammer-type reviews for Assignment Masters.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

We don’t normally review many essay writing services who openly admit being in other countries (even though most of them actually end up being outside the US anyway) but Assignment Masters says they work with students in the US all of the time. Between that, and the fact that we know Assignment Masters is connected to Rush Essays (and probably many other essay services) we thought we’d review them for you.

In a Nutshell:

We don’t recommend Assignment Masters. They have friendly chat agents, but what good is that if the company is a scam or if you get back poor-quality work?

They’re definitely outside the US (most likely Kenya where Rush Essay is from) and use foreign writers. Their prices are ridiculously high.

There are so many reasons to skip this one, guys. Most importantly, there are essay writing services that won’t lie to you. You should be able to expect the truth from your essay service, if nothing else.

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