Is Bid4Essays Legit?


$23.70 per page with 2 days' notice








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  • Foreign essay writing service
  • Do not list their prices in US dollars
  • Chat agents won't respond
  • No reviews

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Who is Bid4Essays?

The “About Us” section of Bid4Essays is downright painful to read. Just scan it and look at how bad the writing is, not only boring but completely illegible. No one talks like this!!

Bid4Essays has a terribly boring, poorly written “About Us” section.

They don’t say where they’re located, but judging from the “About Us” section they are definitely not in the United States (or any English-speaking country). Let’s ask a chat agent and see if they’ll admit where the compay is located.

Well, even though the chat system showed “We are online!” no one ever answered our multiple questions. Therefore, we can’t tell you where the company is located. Suffice it to say, if you look at the currency they use, it might shed some light.

How Much is a Paper?

Prices are given in “GBP” which most of us don’t even understand!

So…a one page paper is 17.38 GBP. What is that??

The definition of GBP.

How does that translate to dollars, since that’s what we would be paying with, right?

Here is the per-page cost in American dollars.

Online Reviews: shows no reviews for Bid4essays. shows no reviews for Bid4essays.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay writing service
  2. Do not show prices in US currency
  3. Chat agents don’t reply to multiple messages
  4. No reviews
  5. Website is very poorly written (a precursor to how papers will be written)

In a Nutshell:

This essay writing service is obviously operating out of another country. They don’t even show their prices in US currency, making it impossible to see how much it is per paper for us.

Their web content is written terribly. No one talks like this. It’s a big red flag because how will your paper be written if they can’t compose believable website content?

Once translated, we see that the papers are about $24 per page. That isn’t high, but if it’s poorly written then it will cost you a lot more than $24!

To us, it doesn’t even look like this is a real company with real customers. It may be a front for some of the other essay writing services operating online. It’s really hard to say. What’s easier to say, though, is move on! There are much, much better essay writing services out there.

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