Is Buy Essay Club Legit?

Buy Essay Club

Nearly $40 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign essay service (Cyprus)
  • Very high prices (almost $40 per page)
  • No reviews

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Who is Buy Essay Club?

Although Buy Essay Club has a (rather long) “About Us” section, you still don’t get the feeling you know who they are after reading it. It’s pretty generic info.

In the second image below, you can see that they list their address as being in Cyprus, not a native-English speaking country.

“About Us” section of Buy Essay Club
The company is owned and operated by a team in Cyprus.

How Much is a Paper?

Initially, it looks like the price is $25 for a 1-page paper with 2 days’ notice. But let’s go a little further into the ordering process and see if there are any catches (in the form of add-ons, extra charges for native speaker, etc.).

Pricing at Buy Essay Club
The price per page for a native speaker to writer your paper.

So, when it’s said and done, you’re looking at nearly $40 to get an English-speaking writer. It’s not even an option to use an “Advanced Writer” because, according to the site, you need a “Top Writer” if you expect a native English speaker. As we always caution, who says that for the extra fee, you’ll GET the English speaker they promised?

Online Reviews:

We could only find one review for Buy Essay Club, which isn’t a good sign. Not much else we can say about that… banned Buy Essay Club from receiving reviews. only has one review for Buy Essay Club.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Between being located in Cyprus, having no online reviews, and upcharging (a lot) for a native English speaking writer that you’re not even guaranteed to get…Well, it would be hard to recommend these guys to you!

Another thing to mention is that Buy Essay Club looks an awful lot like so many of the online essay services we’ve already reviewed. We have a hunch that there are only a few essay writing services out there, and that they operate under many, many different names. So, please keep that in mind. If you have a bad experience with one, you may unknowingly get them again!

In a Nutshell:

There are a lot of essay writing services out there, most of them foreign. Some of them admit they’re in other countries, but many do not. They’ll claim to be in the US (usually California, Deleware, or Michigan for some reason). Buy Essay Club does admit they’re in Cyprus, which helps us at least consider building trust with them since they’re being honest.

It’s just such a gamble to buy a paper for a US, UK, or Canadian university (English-speaking schools) and have someone in a third-world country write it. It seriously increases the chances of you getting busted.

Also, nearly $40 per page? Come on, man! That’s super high! How can they justify that? There are more affordable, US or Canada-based essay writing services to check out before resorting to hiring a foreign service.

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