Is Cheap Paper Writing Legit?

Cheap Paper Writing

$35 per page for a native speaker








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  • Foreign company
  • Deceptive about location
  • High prices

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Who is Cheap Paper Writing?

They have an “About Us” page, but check it out. If you don’t want to suffer through the whole text, just read the underlined parts. Who writes like this?? Not an English-speaking American or Canadian, that’s for sure.

Strange phrasing signals foreign writer.

So, where are they located? Well, according to Cheap Paper Writing, they’re in Jetmore, Kansas. Uh huh, sure.

The website claims Cheap Paper Writing is in Kansas.

Let’s get clarification from a chat agent…

Nevermind. Cheap Paper Writing doesn’t have a chat agent. The good new is, we don’t need one to lie to us about the company’s location. Everything about this essay writing service screams foreign to us!

How Much is a Paper?

Price for a one page paper with Cheap Paper Writing.

But the truth is, as you proceed you’ll see the price for an English speaking writer is much higher…

It will cost you over $35 per page for a native English speaking writer. Will you actually get one for that price? Um…who knows!

The price for a native English speaking writer is over $35 per page.

Online Reviews:

Cheap Paper Writing seems to get ALL positive reviews. That tends to be a red flag since people normally sound off in both positive and negative ways when they spend their money on products and services. Now, can a company be so good they only get great reviews? Of course! But that’s when you just have to do a little homework, talk to a real person at the company to make sure they answer your questions, and then go with your gut. Do you think the good reviews match up with everything you’ve found? If so, go for it! reviews for Cheap Paper Writing. shows all 5-star reviews for Cheap Paper Writing.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

They’re a foreign company with foreign writers. We don’t need confirmation on their exact country of origin. They’re lying on their “Contact” page by saying they’re in Kansas. That’s a bold-faced lie. Do you want to work with an essay service that lies to you?

Also, they upcharge for a native English speaking writer, even though in their “About Us” they say they employ native speakers.

In a Nutshell:

Foreign essay writing service, check. High prices, check. Lies about location, check. Upcharges for a native English speaking writer, check. Strangely worded (foreign) web content, check. Fake reviews…we can’t prove it, but based on our research they sure look to be!

Come on, people. Conduct your own research, but we certainly won’t be ordering from Cheap Paper Writing. If an essay service wants to lie to us about their location, what else will they do to blatantly disrespect us? No thanks!

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