Is Cheapest Essay Legit?

Cheapest Essays

$14-$16 per page 2 days notice



Ordering Process





  • Cheap papers
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Online reviews to check out


  • Foreign company
  • Hard to talk to a chat agent
  • Pricing is higher than initially advertised

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Who is Cheapest Essays?

Although the website says they’re in Columbus, Ohio, we beg to differ. Read the clip below that they use to describe their writing services. It reads like they wrote it with a bad thesaurus on their laps because they didn’t understand the English language and needed help. Unfortunately, they didn’t choose the right wording, and it’s just awful. No professor would believe this type of writing is produced by a native English speaking writer.

Have you ever heard someone talk like this in America?

Why are They So Cheap Compared to Everyone Else?

On the homepage, it shows a price of $7.61 per page, but that is with a 19-day deadline. If you bump it to a more reasonable 2-day deadline, the price goes up. price per page.

Less than $14 per page is still crazy-cheap, right? Once the company gets their cut (usually at least 50%) the writer wouldn’t be left with much. Subtract taxes, and whoah! What educated writer would be able to work for such a low hourly rate? Our guess? A foreign writer, that’s who!

Sometimes we can do an IP address search and find the real location of these guys, but they’re getting good at disguising their locations. That was the case this time, so although they show up in North America, most signs point to them being an off-shore outfit.

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot shows 149 reviews, which isn’t bad. However, the negative reviews are scathing. Many reviewers accuse Cheapest Essay of being scammers, paying for online reviews, etc. Here is a random sampling of Trustpilot’s reviews for Cheapest Essay.

Cheapest Essay reviews on

It is interesting that in the “Contact” section of Cheapest Essay, they list their location as Columbus, OH, but this reviewer called them out as being in the UK. Notice how the company replied and didn’t deny the UK as their location. We just find it interesting when essay writing services lie about their whereabouts. What else are they lying about?

Sitejabber has 44 reviews, and they are also mixed. Many reviewers have some legitimately scary complaints. negative review for Cheapest Essay.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Cheap essays compared to other services
  2. Offer all of the basic services
  3. Online reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot


  1. Foreign company
  2. Prices are higher than they initially advertise (even though still cheap)
  3. You can’t talk to a chat agent without providing an email

In a Nutshell:

We can suggest trying this company if you have plenty of time to redo the paper in a worst-case scenario situation. After all, they are cheap. They are not as cheap as they initially advertise, but compared to everyone else, they are still cheap.

Biggest red flag: They seem foreign, meaning you may get a very hard-to-read paper back.

It seems outrageous that you have to provide an email just to ask even one question to a chat agent. That tells us they desperately want your email address for whatever reason, but it’s not cool

Bottom line? Try them if you have time and money to experiment. If you want to be sure to get a quality paper back the first time, though, go with one of our more highly rated essay writing service.

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