Is Custom Essay Meister Legit?

Custom Essay Meister

About $25 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Fair prices
  • Honest chat agents


  • Located in Hong Kong
  • Hardly any online reviews
  • Foreign writers

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Who is Custom Essay Meister?

About Us section on the Custom Essay Meister website

Yeah, that’s pretty standard. But where are they located??

IP address is Germany

It looks like Custom Essay Meister is located in Germany. Hmm, well do you know the first language (primary language) in Germany? It’s German, of course! Not English!

How Much is a Paper?

We wanted to get a price on a 2-page book report (basic stuff) due in 2 days. First, we used the price calculator and here’s what came up.

Price for a 2 page paper due in 2 days

That’s just under $25 per page with a 2-day deadline. But we also asked the chat agent, Nikki, for a price on the same prompt just to compare. Here’s how that went.

Nikki gave us the same price as the pricing calculator, which is good. That’s not always the case. We appreciate consistency as a basic trust builder. But let’s see if Nikki comes clean about where the company is located…

Custom Essay Meister is located in Hong Kong

It took Nikki a while to respond, but when she did, she admitted they’re in Hong Kong. We had originally thought Germany based on their IP address. At least she was honest, right? But either way, English is NOT the primary language spoken in Hong Kong either.

Online Reviews:

We were unable to find many reviews for Custom Essay Meister. The reason for that is probably that the company has a lack of clientele. When people buy essays (or anything for that matter) they usually sound off on the experience, telling people it was great or that it was awful. For there to be so few reviews tells us there are not many papers being sold. shows 12 reviews for Custom Essay Meister. shows only 1 review for Custom Essay Meister.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Company is located in Hong Kong not the US

~Prices are pretty fair

~Chat agents take a little while to get back to you, but when they do, they’re helpful

~There are not many online reviews

In a Nutshell:

The biggest problem with an essay writing serivce that’s based in a foreign country, is that they’ll be utilizing foreign writers. Therefore, when you hand in a paper written by one of Custom Essay Meister’s writers, there is a high liklihood it will not read like you speak, write, or communicate. Your teacher will notice this quickly, and then you’ll have some explaining to do.

The prices are average (about $25 per page with a couple days’ notice) so they score points there. But it’s a gamble to use a foreign essay service to write your English paper. How couldn’t it be?

There are very few reviews for a company claiming to be in business for 15 years. If they’re so well-established, why aren’t they more recognized on major review sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot?

The bottom line is, we tried but were unable to find out much about Custom Essay Meister. After all our research, we still don’t really know who they are. They are really vague with their origins, who makes up their team, why they created the business, etc.

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