Is Custom Writings Legit?

Custom Writings

$38-$42 per page 2 days notice








  • Thorough web content
  • They offer proofreading


  • Not a North American company
  • Poor refund policy
  • Upcharges for every little thing
  • Crazy high prices

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Who is Custom Writings?

The company says they are located in the UK. They told us in Chat that their writers come from all over the world and you have to pay more for a native English speaking writer. They do not give any sort of backstory on how the company was started or who runs it.

How Much is a Paper?

A paper with 2 days’ notice is $22-$24 base rate. However, it looks like you can upgrade to a higher level writer for additional fees. We always say that an online essay writing service should employ ALL great writers, therefore not necessitating extra fees for the good ones.

Base rates for a paper at Custom Writings.

But wait! Those are not even the real prices!

Watch what happens when we type in the most basic criteria.

$42 for one page paper!

For a simple book report that is one page, we’re looking at $42.00! Here is part of the reason for the inflated fee. You can select a number of “add-ons” at checkout. For example, they have levels of writers, options to get samples from your writer, and other choices…all for a fee.

An additional fee of 30% for a native English speaker?? A fee of 25% extra for their middle-grade writers? 40% tacked on for one of their best writers. Plus, they charge you to see see a few samples of your writer’s work? The fees are neverending, making this one very pricey essay writing service!

Online Reviews:

We checked Trustpilot and Sitejabber to provide you with some online reviews. Sometimes reviews are paid for, or fake in general, but other times people bash a company to destroy the competition. That’s why we say to take reviews with a grain of salt. Still, seeing some reviews tends to make all of us feel better about going with one essay writing service over another. has forbidden activity regarding Custom Essays. gives Custom Writings 4 stars.

Sitejabber shows 126 reviews, which is better. They’re mixed, which is typical. However, 33 of the reviews are critical, and boy are they ever! We saw everything from horrible writers to no refunds, and everything in between. We urge you to read Sitejabber’s critical reviews before you purchase a paper.

Unfair Refund Policy?

When we saw a lot of reviews on how awful Custom Writings’s refund policy is, we delved in a little further to see what was going on. So, people said getting a refund was a real pain, but on top of that, in some cases they publish your paper online so you cannot use it. For example, they seem to offer two refund options. First, you can get 40% refund which is not ideal, if say, you get an “F.” If you choose the second option, a 100% refund, your paper will be published online, rendering it useless. The good news is, if you’re asking for a full refund, your paper is probably garbage so you wouldn’t want to use it anyway. But what if you could have salvaged part of it, and fixed the rest, still turning it in? Well, you can’t because it’ll get called out for plaigairism immediately. Doesn’t seem fair to us.

One of many reviews that complain about an unfair refund policy at Custom Writings.

Here is the response to that complaint:

Custom Writings confirms that they do keep your from using any portion of a paper with a full refund.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Thorough website with decent content
  2. They offer proofreading of books, ebooks, and academic papers


  1. Crazy high prices
  2. Not a North American essay writing service
  3. Poor refund policy
  4. You need to pay more for a “good” writer

In a Nutshell:

Well, if you want a say in who your writer is (not having one chosen for you), and if you don’t want a lot of upcharges, then right there Custom Writings might not be for you. They have a questionable refund policy that we’ve never seen before in our time reviewing essay writing services. And their prices are ridiculous when it’s said and done. If you want a middle-of-the-road writer (not lowest rated or highest) you have to pay an additional 25%, plus 30% more for a native English speaker?? Crazy, and uncalled for. There are far too many essay writing services that won’t ask you to do these things. We suggest you go find one of them and spare yourselves the mess of being overcharged at Custom Writings.

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