Is EduBirdie Legit?


$23-$37.50 per page with 2 days' notice








  • A lot of online reviews
  • Have been around a while


  • Foreign company (Either Cyprus or the Ukraine)
  • Bold yet unproven claims about their writers' degrees
  • Flooded with bids after inquiring about prices

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Who is EduBirdie?

Although we aren’t sure “who” EduBirdie is, we know where they’re located. Now, while they’re in a non-native English speaking country, at least they admit it! They get points for that.

EduBirdie is in Cyprus, a country that speaks Greek and Turkish as their first languages.

But then again, maybe they’re not in Cyprus…at least according to ABC News and the BBC.

A BBC investigation claims that EduBirdie is in the Ukraine.

In the “About Us” section, EduBirdie provides really basic information on what the service offers. They also include a timeline (shown below) that explains they started the company in 2015.

EduBirdie was foundedin 2015.

They have an “FAQ” section, too.

The FAQ section at EduBirdie.

All in all, EduBirdie seems to be a typical essay writing service. We would be doing our readers a disservice, though, if we didn’t emphasize that this company is run by people whose first language is NOT English.

How Much is a Paper?

To get any sort of estimate for a paper, you need to provide an email. That’s always a no-no for us. It’s unnecessary. Every essay service should at least have a basic price calculator. It’s a quick way to see whether or not a would-be customer is on the same page as the essay service regarding price.

The bids that came in ranged from $23-$37.50 per page with 2 days’ notice.

Within seconds of plugging in our prompt details, multiple bids began pouring in. We show you a sampling above, but there were many more. So, a couple things.

  1. Are all of the writers at EduBirdie really “professors” and “doctors?”
  2. Are this many degree-holding writers really sitting around waiting to accept your 1-page paper (that was our prompt)?
  3. If EduBirdie is lying about this, what CAN we believe??

Basically, EduBirdie uses an automated system that will flood you with bids after you inquire about a price. All that said, the bids range from $23-$37.50, allowing for almost any budget.

Online Reviews: bans EduBirdie from using the site. reviews for

While Trustpilot bans EduBirdie from using their site, we don’t hold that against them because Trustpilot bans a lot of essay writing services. Sitejabber has plenty of reviews, and gives EduBirdie 4.5 stars.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~EduBirdie is a foreign essay writing service

~Their negative reviews complain of missed deadlines and plagiarism

~We find it impossible to believe all of their writers hold Ph.D.’s and other super-advanced degrees, making us doubt all of their other claims

In a Nutshell:

We pretty much never endorse ordering an American-based college paper from a foreign country. Isn’t it obvious why? Your academic career is on the line!

Sitejabber shows a lot of reviews for EduBirdie, and even ranks them #2 in essay services on their site. However, you have to keep in mind that it’s not all about good reviews. Some of those may be fake (not saying they are, but you never know with any business!) and also, you need to keep in mind that they’re foreign.

On a base level, don’t you want to be guaranteed that the writer who handles your next project not only speaks English, but was raised with that being their first language? You want them to fully understand the language, syntax, and how to construct believable papers! With EduBirdie, we’re afraid there is no such guarantee.

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