Is Essay Assist Legit?

Essay Assist

$32.46 for their best writers








  • Foreign company
  • Pay way more for English speaking writer
  • False website claims
  • Do not list their services anywhere on the site

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Who is Essay Assist?

How Much is a Paper?

The homepage leads customers to believe Essay Assist prices are way lower than they actually are. price per page.

With 2 days’ notice, you’ll pay $22 per page for a college paper. But what happens if you want a really good writer?

If you upgrade and pay a whole $32.56 per page, who says your writer will be “premium” after all? And what separates the “advanced,” the “premium” and the “basic” writers?

In this day and age, we can’t just go on a company’s word when they say they’ll give us a better product or service! We need some level of proof, whatever that may be, and we’re not seeing any!

Online Reviews: bans Essay Assist.

Trustpilot bans Essay Assist, but they ban a lot of essay writing service (some of them good) so we won’t hold that against them. Let’s check another review site. has 30 reviews for Essay Assist.

Sitejabber shows 30 reviews and gives Essay Assist 4/5 stars. Don’t let the high rating fool you though. There are lots of complaints of foreign writing, scam alerts, and even one person saying they’re suing Essay Assist in small claims court.

We encourage you to check into reviews on your own, either at or elsewhere online.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign company
  2. Pay way more for an English speaking writer
  3. Outlandish website promises/claims (For example, they say they’ve served over 3 million clients…so why only 30 total online reviews?)
  4. Do not list their services anywhere on the site (what types of papers do they write?)

In a Nutshell:

This company doesn’t list their services anywhere on the site, so you can’t know which subjects they cover ahead of time.

They’re a foreign essay writing service, and want you to pay way more for a (supposed) native English speaking writer. It’s the same story with all of these foreign essay service.

On top of all this, they make crazy claims like the one below…

False claims on website.

They’re saying they’ve served over 3.1 million customers? They emply nearly 45,000 writers? And where is this 4.8/5 score, since we’ve barely found any online reviews and what we did was 4/5 stars. Just hard to swallow such crazy, bold (and unsubstantiated) claims.

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