Is Essay Service Legit?

Essay Service

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  • Foreign essay service
  • Foreign writers
  • Operate under different names

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Who is Essay Service?

Anymore, that’s a great question to ask about any online essay writing service. In all of our research, we haven’t found many American or Canadian essay writing services (other than Unemployed Professors and Killer Papers) who are owned and operated by native English-speaking writers/admins.

We can’t prove anything, but will go strictly by our findings, along with some strong hunches. You can draw your own conclusions.

We THINK (based on a lot of research) that Essay Pro runs or is associated with several other essay writing services including Essay Service. Well, Essay Pro runs out of the Ukraine. They use foreign writers. Therefore, it’s our assumption that Essay Service does, too.

How Much is a Paper?

Essay Service can offer bargain-basement prices because they operate outside of the US. In American (or even Canada and parts of the UK) businesses can’t offer that kind of pricing. In particular, American writers cannot (and will not) work for such low wages. That’s why American essay services charge more. Their writers like to make enough money to live on!

The prices per page with a 2-day notice are under $14.00.
You can “invite” bids from writers at Essay Service.

When you plug in a project, you will be flooded with bids. There are not that many writers sitting around waiting to grab your order. You’re getting so many bids (within seconds to minutes) because it’s an automated system.

Notice the names of the “writers.” They’re typical American names that Essay Service thinks builds trust with you. One of the writers is listed as Phil Collins, which gave us a chuckle. We looked for a Michael Jackson, but didn’t find one unfortunately.

Online Reviews:

We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot for reviews for Essay Service. While Trustpilot banned Essay Service from receiving reviews (they do that to a lot of essay writing services) we did find a lot of reviews on Sitejabber.

Reviews are bought and paid for all of the time. That doesn’t mean Essay Service has fake reviews. We’re simply telling you that when you see a company with tons of glowing reviews, but other things on their website look fishy, take notice. reviews for Essay Service restricts Essay Service from receiving reviews on their site.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Essay Service seems to be run by a foreign essay writing service (Essay Pro) who also runs a bunch of other essay services you’ll see online. Notice the similarities from one online essay service to another.

Low prices are not a reason to buy a paper. Wouldn’t you rather spend a few more dollars per page and know you’re getting a native English-speaking writer?

In a Nutshell:

When a company operates under multiple names and doesn’t tell you that directly, it causes concern. For example, what if you have a terrible experience with Essay Pro and decide to try another service next time. You look around online and decide on Essay Service. Well, guess what? You might get the same writer!

Next, this whole business of essay services thinking American students want their papers written by foreign writers is absurd! No one really wants that!

Steer clear of Essay Service unless you want rock-bottom prices but papers written in such a way that it risks your academic career!

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