Is Essay Tigers Legit?

Essay Tigers

$26-$31.50 with 2 days' notice








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  • Foreign essay service
  • High prices
  • Pushy chat agents
  • You cannot pick your writer

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Who is Essay Tigers?

This is a great question! At first glance, it looks like this might be a great little American start-up company. But as we do a little more digging (and not much, because things change pretty quickly) we see that their billing address is in…you guessed it, Cyprus!

When we asked a chat agent where the company is located, she said London.

But the “Contacts” page shows they’re in California.

Where is Essay Tigers real location?

Wow, confusing right? The most likely location of this essay writing service is in Cyrprus like so many others. In fact, there is a very good chance they’re operating under other names, too.

How Much is a Paper? prices

When I spoke to a chat agent, the price I got for a basic essay (she didn’t ask any specifics such as formatting, sources required, etc.) was a little different than it was in the price calculator.

That breaks down to $26 per page for (let’s face it) a foreign writer. For a native English-speaking writer (which is called a TOP writer) it is $31.50 per page. Now, if you pay the extra, who says you actually get a native English-speaking writer??

Can You Pick Your Own Writer?

The short answer is NO!

Customers cannot pick their writer.

Even worse? The chat agents have absolutely zero interest in helping customers with their needs. A good customer service agent would ask at least a couple of questions about a request like this…

But as you can see, the chat agent here is only out to close the deal. She kept asking if we were ready to make the purchase, rather than try to help us find a qualified writer. She also didn’t care about calming our fears after we said we’d had a bad experience with another essay writing service. All she did was sell, sell, sell.

Hall Pass and Little House in the Big Woods being “one in the same” did not register with this chat agent as being the least bit strange or comical. An American or Canadian chat agent would have said, “Huh??”

Online Reviews: reviews for Essay Tigers

There are a significant amount of negative reviews on Trustpilot for Essay Tigers. They’re pretty bad. Here are two that accuse Essay Tigers of being a really low-quality outfit. reviews for Essay Tigers

Sitejabber shows some negative review, too, that are worth reading for reference before you make a purchase.

Sitejabber negative review

Reviews can be tricky because people can exaggerate when it’s a bad experience. We get that. But the bottom line is that this company is trying to pass themselves off as the Little Engine That Could, picturesque Americana here, and the truth is they’re in some other country. It’s deceitful.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

  1. Foreign essay service masquerading as a small town American startup
  2. You cannot pick your own writer
  3. Chat agents are pushy (only wanting to close the deal at any cost)
  4. High prices (higher if you want a “TOP” writer)
  5. You have to privide an email just to ask a question with chat

Check out how pushy the chat agents are…

Chat agent wouldn’t give us time to browse the site.

In a Nutshell:

It’s always tough to blast an essay writing service. First of all, our goal in creating these reviews is to help you guys find GOOD essay companies that will save you time and money (and headaches) on your papers! So it gives us no pleasure in giving a bad review.

The problem is, so many onine essay writing services are terrible! Unfortunatey, Essay Tigers is an essay writing service we cannot recommend. They’re pushy, have a bad reputation when it comes to customer service, refunds, and writing quality. Their prices are high. Their chat agents either don’t understand customer needs or don’t care. They just want the sale.

We recommend trying someone else for your paper, because there are too many red flags with Essay Tigers.

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