Is Essay USA Legit?

Essay USA

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Who is Essay USA?

Essay USA is not in America. Where are they? Hmm, well let’s see… chat page
Derrick says Essay USA in London and Canada.

The chat agent, when asked if Essay USA is in Canada (just to pick an English-speaking location), told us that they’re in London, but have writers from Canada. Interesting. location
The Essay USA website says they’re in Philadelphia. Who is Fresh Essays, though?

On the “Contact” page at Essay USA, they say they’re in Philly. Thought Derrick said London (not that we believed that, either). And who the heck is Fresh Essays?? Lol!

The truth is, many online essay writing services operate under multiple names. So if you have a terrible experience with “X” company, you might get them on your next 5 essays (all with different company names). It’s NOT fair, but it just takes a lot of homework ahead of time to prevent it. And it’s hard to prove who is who because they do a good job of concealing their real identities.

How Much is a Paper? price calculator
Essay USA prices are way more than most other essay services.

Does that make sense to you? Almost fifty bucks for a 1-page paper!! That is crazy, and really out of line. Obviously, it’s your money, but come on! When you can get a great paper for half of that, it’s hard to justify.

Online Reviews:

We weren’t able to find many online reviews for a company that claims to have been in business for 12 years! Trustpilot has just over 30 reviews, and Sitejabber has 9 reviews.

You can check them out at and but there’s not much to see, sadly.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~High, high prices

~Foreign company that can’t figure out it’s location

In a Nutshell:

There are plenty of online essay services that will come right out and tell you they’re in Cyprus or Russia or wherever. We tip our hats to them for being honest. Some students don’t mind a foreign essay writing service, so as long as they’re honest, we don’t hold it against them for being outside of the US.

Where we get upset is when they call themselves something like Essay USA even though they’re a foreign company with foreign writers. Also, when they charge almost $50 per page! Also, when they lie about who they really are (Fresh Essays??). A lot of “also’s” dude.

We don’t recommend Essay USA at this time. If they make some MAJOR changes, then we’ll update our review. Until then, two thumbs down.

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