Is EssayPro ( Legit? (EssayPro)


Quality of essay


Communication of writers







  • Low cost
  • Lots of writers
  • Nice website layout


  • Low quality, foreign writers
  • No revisions or refunds offered
  • Plagiarism found in three orders
  • Customer service unresponsive

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If you’re wondering to yourself, “Is EssayPro legit, or is EssayPro a scam?”, look no further than our review today. We’re going to dive into EssayPro and dissect its reviews and business practices to determine if it is a scam, low quality site or in-fact, legit.

Is EssayPro a scam?

EssayPro is a Ukraine-based writing service. They do not mention where they are based or where their writers are based. To find out where EssayPro was doing business, we had to dig a little deeper on the internet and search “Is EssayPro based in the United States?” We found out that EssayPro is run by a team based in Ukraine and focuses on providing ultra-low-cost essays for customers on tight deadlines. While the low pricing is nice, one must consider that quality is often sacrifice when prices are lower.

Who are the writers on EssayPro?

EssayPro claims to have Native English-speaking writers, or even American writers, on their site.

EssayPro claims to have writers from English-speaking countries, but the writers are clearly from Kenya.

However, a quick chat with a few of them reveals they are foreign writers posing as Americans. While someone like this may be able to scape together a halfway-decent paper, you do not want to sacrifice quality when dealing with your academic reputation.

The writer disclosed that they are from Kenya, but can perform good work nonetheless. Not sure that would be the case for an American client like myself.

Is Essaypro expensive?

No, it’s very cheap actually. For 1 double-spaced page, that would run you about $12 plus fees. However, you have to wonder what kind of writer would work for such a low rate after you factor in taxes and the profit that the site-owner takes.

Yet, there are tons of bids that get placed within 1 minute of placing your order. Once I uploaded the details of my paper, I had 21 bids to complete it within 1 minute.

Should I trust EssayPro?

Considering they take great measures to hide their location and their prices are extremely low, I would not trust my grades and academic reputation with EssayPro. I see that they have some good reviews on Reddit, but those are easily manipulated.

When I reached out to the site owner to task for a comment on the Kenyan writers, I did not receive a response. Overall, my impression is to avoid EssayPro and write the paper yourself or go with a higher quality essay writing service.

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