Is Evolution Writers Legit?

Evolution Writers

Can be $44+ per page for a top writer








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  • Foreign writers (company is in Cyprus)
  • Very high prices

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Who is Evolution Writers?

Right out of the gates, we can tell you that Evolution Writers is NOT in the United States.

Cyprus, huh? Yeah, a lot of these online essay writing services are in Cyprus. Some admit it, some don’t. Do you know what the primary languages are in Cyprus? Turkish and Greek! Whaaaat? We don’t know about you, but we’re not jazzed up about the idea of someone writing our paper whose primary language is Turkish!

What about their “About Us” section? They have an “Our Story,” so let’s check it out!

We’re allowed to be picky on this site. In fact, it’s our job. We look for things you might not have time to catch in an effort to help you make an educated decision on where to buy your college papers. There is NO excuse for a mistake like the one pointed out above.

Then vs. Than: A lot of people mess this one up. We get it. But these guys claim to be expert paper writers! Their prices are outrageous, so you want to think that you’d at least get a GREAT writer for that kind of dough, right?

There are mistakes all over the site. We aren’t going to point them all out so Evolution Writers can run out and fix them. But let’s just say that with web content so carelessly written, we have to wonder about their paper-writing skills.

How Much is a Paper?

Well, this is interesting. We do a lot of reviews, but we’ve never seen a price calculator that gives you the choices, “Undergraduate,” “Bachelor,” and “Professional.” We were confused as to why they’d separate undergraduate and Bachelor. The only thing we can figure, is that they are very unfamiliar with the English language. That’s our first impression, but let’s move on and find out more about Evolution Writers before we make any judgments.

The price difference between “Undergraduate” and “Bachelor” is $6 per page, which is pretty significant.

But let’s go a little further in the ordering process. What happens when you click “Proceed to order?” How do the prices change?

We picked “Bachelor” because most college students are going for a Bachelor’s degree.

If you want an “Advanced” writer, a 1-page paper due in 2 days, would be $36.40. If you want one of Evolution Writers’ “TOP” writers, the same paper will cost you $44.24! That’s a hefty price for a basic 1-page paper!

Online Reviews:

There are several online reviews for Evolution Writers They are mixed, with many being positive and a few being negative, which is expected. Check them out on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, and see what you think.

We always recommend relying on a lot more than just reviews when it comes to deciding who will write your essay. Does the service have a social media presence? Do you feel rushed, or that you can ask questions and have someone actually help you out? What are your friends saying about the service? Do a little research on your own! reviews for reviews for Evolution Writers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~A paper with a “TOP” writer is going to be over $44 a page

~The company is in a foreign country (foreign writers)

~The website is full of grammatical and syntax errors (red flag)

In a Nutshell:

These guys are operating out of Cyprus, where the first languages are Greek and Turkish. They’re very, very expensive! The website is riddled with careless grammatical and syntax errors. It’s hard to imagine recommending them under the circumstances.

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