Is eWriting Pal Legit?

eWriting Pal

$17 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Low prices
  • Chat agents drop price even more


  • Foreign essay service
  • A lot of claims online that they're scam artists
  • Pretend to be in the US

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Who is eWriting Pal?

Great question! We can tell you that eWriting Pal, Professor’s Den, and Assignment Mavens have a LOT of similarities. They use the same chat agents, right down to the first and last names, have the same location for their domain registration, and utilize some of the same images on their sites.

We’ve thought for a long time that, based on our detailed research, there are only a few essay writing services online, but that they operate under tons of different names.

So, back to the question of who is eWriting Pal? It’s super hard to say! They purposely keep their real identity under wraps. They don’t want you to know much.

Check This Out!!!!

This is one of many examples we could use where eWriting Pal looks just like another foreign essay writing service. Look at the name of the chat agent on eWriting Pal and then on Assignment Mavens. Same name, same picture! chat agent
“Chris Johnson” chat agent is used on many, many foreign essay writing services. LiveChat page
Assignment Mavens chat agent “Chris Johnson’ is the same as eWriting Pal’s chat agent.

How Much is a Paper? prices
eWriting Pal prices.

Notice the categories of “College” and “Undergraduate?” In the US, we wouldn’t see those as separately priced. We understand “Masters” but what’s with charging more for “Undergraduate” than “College” since that’s the same thing? It’s definitely a dead giveaway that this is a foreign essay service who doesn’t understand English properly.

Online Reviews:

We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot for reviews. We found a handful that you can check out. We always suggest taking reviews with a grain of salt, combining all of your overall findings with the reviews to get a clear picture of a product or service. review page reviews for eWriting Pal. reviews for reviews for eWriting Pal.

The negative reviews seem to complain of poor writing skills and miscommunications between the customer service agents and students.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Foreign essay writing service that tries to make customers believe they’re in the US

~More claims of being scammers than most other essay services we’ve reviewed

~Seem to be operating under multiple business names, which is kinda slimy

In a Nutshell:

You are paying your hard-earned money (or your mom’s) to get a paper. This is high school and college on the line. You need to turn in your best work. You deserve to be told the truth when it comes to where the company you’re using is from. You deserve 100% honesty when you’re entering into a business agreement with anyone!

At eWriting Pal, you are not going to be told straight answers. They’re a foreign essay writing service. They have a lot of online claims about scamming people.

What more do you need to know? Here’s one last thing: If you have a terrible experience with eWriting Pal, you very easily could get them again under another essay service’s name. It seems like they call themselves lots of different things. Not cool!

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