Is Expert Legit?


$33-$48.84 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Helpful chat agent
  • Online reviews
  • Decent refund policy


  • Much higher prices than competition
  • Upselling features pushed
  • Highly likely a foreign company

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Who is Expert Writing?

The “Contact Us” section on the site, along with chat agent, Nick, says the company is in Milwaukee. However, when we did a quick IP address search, we found that the company is very likely in the Bahamas (which is what BS stands for in the abbreviation). IP address information shows they are in the Bahamas.

I asked through the chat system if the writers are from the United States, since Nick said the company was in America (Milwaukee). He told me that most of the writers got their degrees from countries where English was a second language. He said to be sure I get a native English-speaking writer, choose the “Premium” quality writer in my ordering process.

High price for a basic book report at Expert Writing.

How Much is a Paper?

We requested a basic 2-page book report on Pride and Prejudice, due in 2 days, at a high-school level. The above illustration shows Nick’s reply/quote. He didn’t even quote us a standard rate, but instead, gave us the highest priced rate under the “Premium Expert” category. $59 ($29.50 per page) is really high, dude!

But wait…the prices are even higher as you move through the ordering process!

Above shows the per-page rate for a college admissions essay, 1 page with 2 days’ notice. Now, look closely because that is with a “Standard” writer. But what if you want a really good writer (since by Essay’s standards, their writers are NOT all created equal)?

Now the per-page rate jumps to nearly $50! And this is still with 2 days’ notice, and for a one-page college admissions essay. That is a really high price!

Let’s Look at the Services Expert Writing Offers:

Writing from scratch is listed as one of their services. We should warn you that it is a big no-no in the academic world to get a paper written entirely by someone other than yourself. When a company offers to do this, just know that they are breaking about a dozen rules. That said, these guys offer editing, proofreading, and problem solving, whatever that is. Otherwise, you’d have to ask the chat agent because things aren’t really outlined any more in-depth than what you see above.

On Sitejabber, there are 24 reviews and the company has an overall score of 4/5 stars. That’s pretty good. Let’s look at some of the reviews that are not so positive, in case the perfect ones were biased in any way.

Online Reviews: review for Expert

A reviewer, Steve, claims the paper he purchased was from another country, and that the writer pressed, “Google Translate” to get the text translated to English. When Anthony, an employee at Expert Writing countered, he did not deny that they’re from another country. Read his reply below.

Trustpilot has 38 reviews, and gives them an overall score of 4.2/5 stars. Again, not bad.

Does Essay Offer Refunds?

In the FAQ, the company explains their money-back guarantee here:

FAQ section of

For a little extra clarification, we asked Nick what the refund policy is like at Essay Here is what he said.

If they actually honor that, it seems like a fair way to handle unsatisfied customers.

Pros & Cons:


  1. A seemingly fair refund policy
  2. Chat agents to give you more clarification on your questions
  3. A decent amount of online reviews to view


  1. Really high prices
  2. Upselling features galore (in writer caliber, plagairism reports, abstract page fee, etc.)
  3. Intentionally deceptive about company location (and plenty of online accusations from former customers about turning in non-native English writing)

In a Nutshell:

There are a decent amount of good reviews for Essay on reputable sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot, meaning the company has been around at least a little while. The chat agent we spoke with was assertive, but not pushy. We didn’t like that he was deceptive about the company whereabouts, but otherwise he was helpful.

A concern is that the prices are really high compared to the competition. If you were guaranteed an English-speaking writer, it might be worth paying more. It seems, however, like you have to upgrade to get one of those, and even then, it’s no guarantee based on some of the reviews we’ve found.

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