How can I prevent getting ripped off with an essay writing service?

That’s the exact reason for creating online reviews. In a world where you don’t meet the person making your product or providing your service so often, the most accurate way to build trust is to read honest reviews by people who are unbiased. Also, ask questions! No essay writing service should ever rush you or make you feel bad about asking plenty of questions before you make a purchase. If they do, move on!

Will I get caught if I buy a paper?

Any reputable essay writing service will not write reviews from scratch. They edit, revise, and tutor you to help you create a project you’re pleased with. If they promise to “write your paper from scratch,” as we’ve seen some outfits to, then pick someone else. Plagairism is wrong in any form.

How do you come up with your ratings?

We do painstaking research on a site, compile data, and write reviews that answer your most commonly asked quesitons. Things like, how much is a paper, what is the refund policy, what are people saying in online reviews, what is the process of ordering a paper like, and what kind of quality can I expect from this company? We do the boring stuff so you can rest easy and purchase your projects without worry.

Do you ever change your reviews once they’re published?

We update reviews at least twice a year. If an essay writing service changes a policy, fixes a negative issue, or changes their rates, we’ll let you know. By no means does a negative review one time mean that an essay service cannot move up to a better ranking on our site!

Are you really objective with your reviews?

Yes. You know we’d say that, right? But we get asked that question sometimes. It’s hard to know who to trust online. We get that. But the whole reason this site came about was that I, the creator, caught a student purchasing a paper. The paper was so ridiculous that it got me thinking. I decided to start the site to prevent kids from getting ripped off when ordering papers. Also, who isn’t sick of fake reviews? It’s time for some real ones, right? Everything you read on our reviews is unbiased and factual.

Do you have a favorite essay writing service?

As of right now, it is Killer Papers that is clearly in the lead. In our professional opinion, there is no other service that provides quality, native English-speaking writers, reasonable rates, great customer service, and on-time projects like Killer Papers. If they ever get booted out of the top slot, you’ll see it all over our site. Trust us! *So that’s a note to KP if you’re reading this! Stay cool and keep rocking it if you want to keep your #1 rating on Essay Review Hub.

Why do you post reviews (What’s in it for you)?

Like I said in “About Us,” I caught a student who turned in a purchased essay. I realize that it’s not just losers and deadbeats that use online essay writing services. Some people really do need a leg up once in a while. Considering that in every industry there are fake reviews that end up costing customers money, time, and energy when the product or service we purchase ends up falling way short of the 5-star reviews the company purchased. Since I am a professor, I figured why not help students by creating real essay writing reviews!

Why do some of the companies you give bad reviews have a lot of 5-star reviews online?

Some people only write reviews if they’re really, really happy with the work or really, really dissatisfied. So you might see some good reviews, but a lot of people who were far from thrilled with the service didn’t take the time to draw up a review. Also, sadly, some essay writing services buy good reviews.

Are you a writer?

No, I am a former professor. Although if you count these reviews, and the Christmas cards I send my Grandma Jean, then yes, I am a writer.

Should I get a basic writer for my paper or one of the platinum writers?

Some services will offer different calibers of writers. If you’re going with a solid company, they’ll have confidence that all of their writers are great. They won’t try to upsell you with add-on services or tell you that by paying more, you get a better writer. It’s usually not legit when they do that.