Is Free Essay Writer Legit? (Also operating under the name

Free Essay Writer

$25 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Decent site
  • Plenty of services


  • Foreign company
  • Operating under multiple names
  • Trying to conceal their whereabouts

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Who is Free Essay Writer?

You just KNOW that the first comment we’re going to make will be questioning why an essay service would call themselves “Free Essay Writer” when they ain’t free! Seriously, though, why?? Moving on…

The most important thing to know, is that they’re operating under at least one other business name (maybe several) and that is Paper When you go to order, you’re taken to which is very fishy!

They have an “About Us” that sums up who they are (even though we think it’s too basic) and what they offer.

About Us section on Free Essay Writer

What about their location? Well, they say they’re in the UK. We’d be very surprised if that were true, although we can’t give you confirmation on their whereabouts for sure. We just can’t find any info to prove or disprove their claim of being in England.

Free Essay Writer claims to be in the UK.

How Much is a Paper?

Pricing sheet on Free Essay Writer

But check this out! Look below at the “Order” button.

When you hit the order button, it switches to another essay service!

When you click it like you want to order, all of a sudden, you’re taken to Paper, a whole other essay writing service! This is seedy, guys. Why are these guys operating under various names? That means if you get a poorly-written paper from Paper, you might get them again without realizing it!

Free Essay Writer is also

Online Reviews:

We couldn’t find a single review on or for Free Essay Writer. Huge red flag! That means they have no customers, basically.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

This essay writing service is operating under multiple names, which is suspicious. Why do they need to do that? That alone is reason for us not to recommend them. Turns out, though, there are plenty of other reasons.

Read our wrap-up in the next section to see all of the reasons you should proceed with extreme caution if you plan to move forward with Free Essay Writer!

In a Nutshell:

OK, so they go by Free Essay Writer (but certainly aren’t free!) and Paper Not sure what the .nyc even is, but either way, they’re pulling a fast one. You go to order and are taken to a whole other site! Not cool!

If they’re actually $25 per page, that is cool. That’s a fair price IF and only if you get a native English-speaking writer (doubtful) and if they explain why they are taking you to Paper Help when you go to order.

Free Essay Writer also has NO online reviews! That’s a red flag because when customers buy papers, they talk! A lot! If they’re happy, they talk. If they hated you, they talk. When there are NO reviews, coupled with the fact that you’re taken to a whole other company’s site to order, we’re thinking that Free Essay Writer is a front.

Either way, who has time (or the desire) to unpack this mystery?? Not us, and not you! Move on!

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