Is Geekly Lab Legit?

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  • Seem to be foreign
  • Do not list prices on website
  • A lot of negative reviews

*Essays R Easy ( is now part of Geekly Lab

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Who is Geekly Lab?

There is an “About Us” section on Geekly Lab, but it doesn’t provide much insight into who is running the show, so to speak. We do know that they bought out or “absorbed” the company, Essays R Easy ( because when you go to that essay writing site, they have a note saying they’re now partnering with Geekly Lab.

Geekly Lab “About Us” section

It’s hard to say where Geekly Lab is operating from because most of these online essay writing services are really good about disguising their location. They don’t want you to know if they’re from India or Russia or Iceland.

When we looked into Essays R Easy, just to see if we could figure out where they were from (to provide a hint, maybe, about where Geekly Lab is from) Essays R Easy was registered in Ontario. So, that may or may not mean anything…

Geekly Lab says they’re from San Francisco. We would be shocked if they really are, but without proof, all we can do is continue our research. Let’s see how much it costs for a paper.

How Much is a Paper?

Well, this was a first in all of our reviewing experience. Geekly Lab doesn’t provide a price calculator, but also, you have to sign up with Facebook to even get a quote. That is absurd, as not everyone has Facebook or wants to provide personal information to get an initial price.

There is no price calculator for projects. You have to fill this out and hit “Find Me a Geek.”
Not everyone has Facebook, but you cannot get a price for any project without signing up through here.

It is ridiculous to ask would-be customers to login to Facebook just to browse the prices at an essay writing service (or for any service!). Because we didn’t want to do that, we literally have no idea what Geekly Lab’s prices are per page, or even what services they offer.

Online Reviews: reviews for Geekly Lab

Fifteen of the 45 reviews on Sitejabber are negative, with the most complaints being about the use of foreign writers who didn’t understand English. See what we mean about having a hunch this company isn’t from the US like they claim?

Geekly Lab has a lot of complaints about customer service and foreign writers.
The negative reviews on Sitejabber complained mostly of foreign writers. reviews for Geekly Lab

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

First and most importantly, it seems that Geekly Lab isn’t from the US, yet they claim to be in San Francisco. There are plenty of foreign essay writing services that say they’re in San Fran, but are in places like India or Iceland.

Second, the reviews are critical and complain about the company using foreign writers that botched their papers pretty badly.

In a Nutshell:

Geekly Lab seems to be a foreign essay writing service, pretending to be in San Francisco. We can’t tell you exactly where they are, but we are really doubting it’s California.

On top of the complaints about foreign writers, we take issue with Geekly Lab forcing would-be customers to login through Facebook to get a price. Pretty much all essay writing services list their prices on their sites. Some of them make you do a little more than others when it comes to locking in a set fee, but none of them make you access a social media account you may not even have.

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