Is Grade Hacker Legit?

Grade Hacker

$45 per page with 3 days' notice








  • Vast list of services
  • Informative blog


  • Extremely high prices
  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Difficult ordering process
  • No online reviews

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Who is Grade Hacker?

Grade Hacker is a little different than most of the other essay writing services we’ve reviewed. They offer a wider range of services than merely essay writing. Since we only focus on the essay end of things, that’s where we’ll keep our focus for this review. But below, you can see some of their other services. Notice that annoying pop-up in the lower corner. You cannot exit the pop-ups even long enough to take a quick screen grab. They’re like annoying gnats in your face nonstop.

Grade Hacker other services.

The pop-ups are so aggressive that we almost abandoned this review altogether. We don’t write the post in order, though, so we’d already put a substantial amount of time into the review and will now finish it, despite the annoyance.

How Much is a Paper?

Great question! Well, to say the least it’s not easy to get even a rough quote. There is no pricing calculator, so you’re forced to fill out a ridiculous 17-question form! The questions range from unnecessary to ridiculous, with the last one being, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” You have to fill every question out or you can’t get an estimate. Ridiculous!

Notice the annoying pop-up in the corner. They plague you at every turn on this website.

So, let’s get this straight! After all of the hullaballoo we had to go through to get an estimate (that will likely change the further into the ordering process you go) the quote is $51.75 for a one-page paper due in 3 days? That is insanity! Absolutely out of bounds for pricing on a simple book report.

Frustrating Aspects of Grade Hacker Worth Mentioning:

There are an annoying amount of pop-ups on the site that make browsing difficult.

There are a lot of pop-ups on the site that make it frustrating to navigate from page to page. You have to keep closing boxes, but each time you go to a new page (for example “Who We Are”) new pop-ups appear. If you click the one in the lower left it takes you to a whole new site that tries to sell you 10-minute phone calls which is so odd.

The ordering process! Oy Vay! This is the single worst ordering process we’ve ever seen. You have to give not only an email but also a phone number just to get an estimate!! That’s not even a real quote, simply an estimate.

You should never have to provide a phone number if you don’t wish to, let alone to get a rough estimate of how much your paper will cost!

Online Reviews:

There are surprisingly few reviews for Grade Hacker online. Unless they’re a brand-new essay writing service, this could mean they do not have enough real clients to build reviews. has no reviews for Grade Hackers. has no reviews for

Pros & Cons:


  1. They offer more services than most essay writing companies
  2. Informative blog


  1. The site is nearly inaccessible due to near constant pop-ups (the most constant and aggressive we’ve ever seen)
  2. Extremely high prices ($45 per page)
  3. No online reviews
  4. Very hard, long, annoying process to place an order

In a Nutshell:

If you can somehow get past the pop-ups, has a fairly informative blog worth checking out. We’re not sure how they justify their prices, though, because they’re so much higher than the competition. We always say do not pick an essay writing service based solely on cheap prices. However, when a fee is outrageously high, that would be a big red flag as well. Slightly higher prices might just mean a service worth paying more for, but extreme inflation is never justifiable.

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