Is Grade Miners Legit?

Grade Miners

$18-$29 with 2 days' notice








  • A decent amount of online reviews
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Foreign essay service
  • Too many add-on features drive up your price
  • Writers who do not speak English as first language

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Who is Grade Miners?

While Grade Miners doesn’t specifically say where they’re located, it’s not in the US. That much is pretty clear. Take a look at a couple pieces of evidence.

A UK country code on GradeMiners phone number
Country code 44 is a UK country code for phone numbers.

A country code of 44 is from the UK.

The website for GradeMiners is owned by a company in Gibraltar
The website is owned by a company in Gibraltar.

Although the text is small, notice that Grade Miners’ website is in Gibraltar. Where is Gibraltar, anyway? In case you’re wondering…

Map of Gibraltar
The Grade Miners website is owned by a company in Gibraltar.

The website shows a timeline that says GradeMiners began in 2009 in the US. They don’t say where, or who started the company. All we know is that this does NOT appear to be a US-based company in any way, shape, or form.

How Much is a Paper?

The prices seem to range from just over $18 to just over $29 per page with a couple days’ notice. This is for a basic admissions essay. If you need multiple sources or additional research, it could be more. These prices are low-reasonable.

What we find irksome is that you have to pay more to “upgrade” writers. This is common with foreign essay writing services. A very legitimate question is, how can I know I’m getting a “better” writer for the up to $11 extra per page for a “Premium” writer?

Various writers cost a lot more per page at GradeMiners
Premium writers cost a lot more per page, but do you really get a better writer for that fee?

When essay services charge an arm and a leg for “better” writers, they never back up their fees with proof you’ll be getting a higher-quality writer. It’s shady, people.

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot bans a lot of essay writing services, and that’s the case with GradeMiners. Sitejabber, though, shows a decent amount of reviews. Some are great, some awful. You can look them up and draw your own conclusions. bans GradeMiners bans GradeMIners from their site. reviews for GradeMiners reviews for GradeMiners.

The main complaints we saw on Sitejabber regarding GradeMiners were about plagiarism, missed deadlines, poor refund policy, and papers written in broken English.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

GradeMiners seems to be a foreign essay writing service, so if you’re wanting an American or Canadian essay writing service, this isn’t it.

Their prices are fairly low, but unless the quality is there to back it up, it’s not a bargain.

In a Nutshell:

Although the prices are reasonable, there are some strong complaints online of poor writing quality, most likely due to GradeMiners using foreign writers that don’t fully grasp the English language.

They have a pretty comprehensive website, along with a decent amount of reviews on sites like Sitejabber. You could get a simple 1-page paper here and not be out much money if you’re unsatisfied. Just be really careful about all of their add-on features. These are usually just ways for essay services to get more money out of you unnecessarily.

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