Is Homework For Me Legit?

Homework For Me

$33+ per page with 2 days' notice








  • Positive reviews
  • Easy-to-use website


  • Company hides their location
  • High prices
  • You have to provide personal info to do anything on the site

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Who is Homework For Me?

Other than the information contained on their homepage, don’t expect to learn much about Homework for Me without providing at least an email address. You need to give an email to chat, to get a quote, or to really proceed past the most basic level of research on the company.

Here is there “About Us,” which (if you know what to look for) shows us they are not an American company.

Homework for Me “About Us” section

Homework for Me doesn’t say where they are located (usually a sure sign it’s not the US or Canada).

How Much is a Paper?

Essay writing services that won’t give a quote without requiring you to give an email, first and last name, and a phone number are pretty ridiculous. It’s completely unnecessary, as you should be able to get a simple quote right out of the gates just to see if their fees are in line with your budget.

Homework for Me has a “Prices” page, which is shown below. But if you click on “order now” you are taken to a page that requires an email address to proceed.

Prices page on Homework for Me
You can’t get a quote without providing personal information.

Should you really have to give a phone number to get a quote? When essay writing services force you to do this, it bruises trust right from the outset. Trust takes time to build, and you don’t do it by making someone who knows nothing about you (I mean they don’t even disclose their location!) to give all this personal information out just to get a basic estimate.

So, we played along. We provide an email (and a BS phone number because it’s none of their business) and we got a quote. Keep in mind, this was a basic book report of 1 page, MLA citation, and 1 source. Very basic stuff. Due in 2 days. Look at the price.

Crazy high prices at Homework for Me

Their “Prices” page says that their fees start at $17 per page. We made the prompt so basic, so easy and doable, that we’re wondering how on earth the price was over $33.00?? The conclusion is that there are no papers for $17 a page. So why do they lure you in by making you believe that’s the fee?

Online Reviews: reviews for Homework for Me reviews for Homeowork for Me

There are a handful of reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot. The reviews are all positive, which is the first time we’ve ever seen this in any of our essay writing reviews. Now, they could be an awesome company, yes. But please beware that it is nothing short of fishy to see 100% of the reviews for any company to be 5 stars. It’s just not really believeable. So, check out the reviews yourself and see if they look real. Who knows!

Pros & Cons:


  1. Positive reviews
  2. Easy-to-use website


  1. Company hides their location
  2. High prices (over $33 per page)
  3. You have to provide a phone number and email to do anything (including chat or to get a quote)

In a Nutshell:

Since the company won’t disclose their location, it leads us to believe they’re foreign. We could be wrong, but usually if an essay service is in the US or Canada, they like to tell anyone who will listen!

Also, it’s total BS to have to provide an email, name, and phone number just to get an estimate for a per-page rate. Very few companies do this, and we aren’t sure if the ones who do it use the emails in other ways (sell them?) or what. It’s inconvenient and just pushy when they ask you to do that so early on.

Lastly, their prices are really high! Over $33 per page is too much for a basic book report with one source.

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