Is Best Essay Legit?

Best Essay

Almost $34 per page








  • Decent amount of online reviews
  • Most credit cards accepted


  • Foreign
  • Higher priced than average essay service
  • You can't pick your writer

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Who is Best Essay?

Our initial impression is that Best Essay are deceptive. They claim to have 1000 writers on staff. Come on, guys! Let’s use our heads here. Do you know how many online companies actually employ 1,000 people?? We don’t either, but let’s imagine that it can’t be many.

They’re expecting us to believe that 1,000 college-degree holding writers are waiting around to accept a paper for $20 or so? That’s nuts.

Secondly, they’re foreign. They don’t say where, but if you do some minor digging you’ll see them using words and phrases only a foreigner would use. We’re not going to tip them off here by listing those words and phrases, but you know exactly what they are…

How Much is a Paper?

For a paper due in 2 days, it’s $34 per page. That’s definitely higher than the average ($27) which would equate to an extra $28 per 4-page paper. That’s significant. Now, add in that they’re using foreign writers and we’ve got trouble.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

A foreign company who lies about how many writers are waiting around to make a bid on your paper? Nah. How about prices that are $7 higher per page than average? Nope. Finally, how about the fact that you can’t pick your own writer or talk to the writers before paying to make sure they fully understand your vision for the project?

In a Nutshell:

We promise there are way better essay writing services out there. You can feasibly get a good paper written by an American for about $27 per page. Not only that, you can expect to speak with writers ahead of time and pick the one who is best for your needs…all BEFORE paying! So, keep looking because that exists. Just not at

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