Is College Legit?

College Essay

Under $20 per page








  • Cheap
  • Most payment methods accepte


  • Foreign
  • Inflates stats on website
  • Trust issues based on inconsistencies

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Who is College Essay?

College Essay is an essay writing service that claims to have been around since 2010. It’s interesting that they only have 41 Instagram followers if that’s the case.

Despite having a lot of reviews on, College Essay’s oldest review is 2022, so where are the reviews from 2011-2021?

In their “Contact” section, they list a South Carolina address, but look below that…

They list a middle east address. This, combined with a lot of other signs, tells me this is a foreign essay writing service.

Notice the writers. Look howmany reviews they each supposedly have, along with how many orders they’ve supposedly completed. For example, “Caleb” has completed 3151 orders. But the oldest review we could find is from May 2022. So, let’s go with that for how long they’ve been in business. THAT’S OVER 242 PAPERS A MONTH FOR ONE WRITER!

That volume of business doesn’t exist in the essay writing world. Think about it. Of course, it’s only natural you might not know that, but it’s our job to. That’s all we do all day is research and review essay writing services. So, in our professional opinion, College Essay is lying about several things, including who their writers are and the volume of work they’ve completed.

How Much is a Paper?

Obviously we gave fake info, but you can see that you need to provide a phone number and email to get a quote. There’s no reason for that in the early stages (with the phone number, no reason ever, really).

Their price is way lower than the average. Average is about $27 per page and theirs falls under $20, which is another indicator that they’re a foreign outfit. When you have a foreign writing service, your paper will almost certainly be written by a non-native English speaking writer. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Foreign means foreign writers. Teachers can spot these a mile away. Also, why do they want your phone number to give you a quote? That seems fishy, doesn’t it? What are they planning to do with that information?

In a Nutshell:

You can find an American or Canadian essay writing service for sure. One that won’t lie about who their writers are, or inflate their numbers. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

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