Is Essay Bolt Legit?

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  • Astronomical prices
  • Foreign
  • Can't pick your writer

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Who is Essay Bolt?

Essay Bolt came up in a search of “best essay writing services.” Now, to be clear: Some essay writing services create blogs that look like review sites, and then list their companies (essay services) in the list of “best.” Make sense?

Say, I run an essay service called Great Papers, okay? Now, I buy up a handful of domains with fake essay writing services like Outstanding Essays, Super Duper College Papers, etc. Then, I create a fake review site where list the supposedly best college essay writing services, which so happen to have Great Papers, Outstanding Essays, and Super Duper College Papers as my top three well-researched essay writing services. Get it?

I’ll wrap this up, but stay with me one more minute because this will help you in your search for legit essay services! I promise! Now, it could be that when you go to Outstanding Essays or Super Duper College Papers and try to order a paper, you’re really being directed to Great Papers after all!

What’s all this mean? Well, it means there are a lot of essay writing services operating under many, many fake names. So you never really know who you’re dealing with!

Back to Essay Bolt now…

They don’t have an “About Us” because they don’t want to advertise that they’re foreign. But, it’s easy to spot when you look around the site. Check out the images below and see if you can spot a foreign writer…

These are just a couple of example. The website is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. Will your paper be, too??

How Much is a Paper?

Hang on while we put our eyes back in our heads!!! We’ve never once seen a price this ridiculous for a 1-page admissions essay with NO sources and 2 days’ notice! This is astronomical pricing, guys.

No matter what, we can’t recommend Essay Bolt now. Nothing they can provide is worth over $76 per page! It’s insulting, really.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

We can’t even give you anything to consider except to say this is price gouging. Plain and simple. Across the board, you should be able to find a good paper for about $27 per page. Period.

In a Nutshell:

A foreign company (who likely operates somewhere it’s way cheaper to live than where you live) who charges over 3 times the industry standard per page? This is an easy choice. Move on!

In case you’re not only rich, but like paying more for your goods and services, consider one more thing: You can’t pick your writer or even talk to them about your project, rendering you zero control in your assignment.

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