Is Fresh Essays Legit?

Fresh Essays









  • Established essay service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good website


  • Foreign
  • Bait and switch pricing
  • Too many bad reviews

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Who is Fresh Essays?

Fresh Essays also operates under Write My Essays. We have no idea if they also use other names, but be careful. When an essay service uses multiple names, you could inadvertently get them several times when you didn’t want to, since it’s tough to know all their various aliases.

Fresh Essays location
If Fresh Essays is also Write My Essays, what other names do they do business under?

Where is this company located? Are the writers American or are they foreign? Write My Essays is registered in Cyprus, so if they’re the same company…Let’s assume Fresh Essays is in Cyprus. Know what the first language is in Cyprus? Greek, not English.

How Much is a Paper?

Pricing information
Does Fresh Essays not understand that “college” and “university” are the same thing?

See above how Fresh Essays prices differently for “College” and “University” level papers? A lot different! Six bucks per page, different! Don’t they understand that in America, college is college is college? Now, I suppose they could say price differently for Bachelor and Masters, but that isn’t what they’re doing. They are showing a lack of understanding of the American academic system.

The REAL prices range from $14-$22.12 for “College” and from $20-$31.60 for “University.” That’s a per-page rate on a paper due in 2 days. It’s just really confusing as to why they price differently for college and university, except to say that it really shows their lack of understanding of English and American schooling.

Online Reviews:

While Trustpilot bans Fresh Essays from getting reviews on their site, Sitejabber has almost 200 reviews. About 25% of the reviews are critical, however, so you might want to go to Sitejabber and check out some of the feedback. review page bans Fresh Essays from using their site. review page shows plenty of reviews for Fresh Essays, but about a quarter of them are critical.

Some of the complaints talk about foreign writers, plagiarism, and missed deadlines. There is an Admin person who replies to negative reviews, for what it’s worth. You can check out the conversations and make up your own mind. has 25% negative reviews on the writing service Fresh Essays.
You can see that an Admin replies to messages to give their take on what might have went wrong.

Ultimately, reviews only provide part of the picture on an essay writing service. You have to dig a little (usually not too deep, either) to unearth the pros and cons of an essay service. One thing about reviews, when you see the same things over and over (either good OR bad) it lends toward credibility.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~They operate under multiple names, so be careful that if you have a bad experience with Fresh Essays, you don’t get them again under a different name

~As with all foreign essay writing services, be careful that you proofread your paper to make sure it sounds like an American wrote it

In a Nutshell:

The main thing we take issue with, is that Fresh Essays is operating under various business names. Aside from that, they’re foreign, and we rarely endorse a foreign essay writing service.

All in all, they might be worth it on a shorter paper just to test them out. But there are definitely better options available.

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