Is My Paper Help Legit? (Also operating as Save My Grade)

My Paper Helper

$16.87 per page with 2 days' notice








  • You pick writer
  • Cheap


  • Foreign
  • New (almost no reviews)

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Who is My Paper Helper?

My Paper Help is the first essay writing service to come up on a Google search of “buy a college paper.” So, it would stand to reason that they must be the best, right?

Well, not so fast. It could mean that they have a monstrous advertising budget, or that they’ve made super-strategic decisions that landed them at the top of page one on Google. Who knows? Let’s find out!

Although they’re pretty careful to conceal who is running the show at My Paper Help, judging by the very few reviews (like 4 on Sitejabber) we can tell you they’re new. We don’t hold the age of a company against anyone. It’s just worth pointing out.

They are most likely a foreign essay writing service utilizing writers from countries who don’t speak English as their first language and work cheap. Americans ain’t gonna work cheap. So, a lot will be determined by the price of the papers. Let’s check it out…

How Much is a Paper?

It appears to cost about $17 for a 1-page paper with one source that’s due in 2 days. That’s really low. The average is about $27, so we have to wonder why and how they can give papers away so cheap. Well, in our professional opinion it comes down to foreign writers who are willing to work for next to nothing.

Just be careful when ordering a paper from a foreign essay writing service. Teachers and professors can spot foreign writing, and when they do, it won’t be pretty.

Things to Know Before Buying a Paper Here:

Well, unfortunately, My Paper Help is one of those foreign essay writing services that bombards you with pop-ups and “offers” when you try to get an estimate. Check this out. It came in within seconds after hitting “go” (basically) while trying to get a quote.

You’ll get dozens of these flooding your screen. Question: If these are real writers, how come they all bid the exact same amount? How could they view your request that quickly (seconds) and construct a fair quote in so little time? (Guess that was 2 questions, but both are valid).

It raises all sorts of red flags when you get hit with dozens of bids in seconds. Like, they can’t be real writers. Instead, you’re dealing with bots or something, and that’s not cool. When you’re deciding who to pay for homework help, don’t you want a real person?

In a Nutshell:

Foreign essay writing service. New (oldest review is 2022). Floods you with bids within seconds of trying to get a quote. Very few reviews. (single digits). We say take a pass, but it’s your money, bro.

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