Is Paper Coach Legit?

Paper Coach

$10-$14.50 with 2 days' notice








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  • Foreign essay service
  • Lies about location
  • Penalizes you for requesting a writer you've used before

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Who is Paper Coach?

Paper Coach is a .net address (at least the one we’re reviewing here). They don’t have an “About Us” section, which is kind of annoying. They do, however, have a “How it Works” section that looks like this:

How it works section at
From the “How it Works” section at
Taken from the “How it Works” section of website.

Paper Coach is not an American or Canadian company. They are registered in Iceland. domain registration is registered in Iceland.

However, they will lie right to your…uh, computer screen…and tell you they’re in Delaware.

Chat conversation
Chat agent lies about company location at Paper Coach.

When we called “Melonie” (not even spelled correctly!) here’s how she backpedaled.

Chat conversation on
After calling her out on lying, the chat agent tried to cover up her transgression.

How Much is a Paper?

Let’s start with this: You will pay a hefty price if you want, A. To use the same writer you’ve used before (10% added onto your paper). B. You want a “Pro” or “Top” writer. If that’s the case, you’ll pay 25%-45% more to get one of them. Whether you actually get one for that price hike, who knows?

Does it seem as nuts to you as it does to us that Paper Coach charges you what can only be considered a “penalty” of 10% more per project if you request the same writer you’ve used in the past? Really?? Who does that?!?!

writer category
Why on earth does Paper Coach penalize you by charging 10% more for using a writer a second time?? That seems bogus!

Below, you’ll see the prices for a “Top” writer and then under that, for a “Basic” writer. The range is $10-$14.50 which is just insanity. You guys are smart enough to know that these are not American prices. In other words, the company (Paper Coach) would take 50% off the top, most likely, meaning your writer would get anywhere from $5-$7.25 for your paper. Would you even trust a writer to handle your paper for such a disgustingly low fee? What kind of quality would you get?

The company is registered in Iceland, but may be from India or God-knows-where. But either way, they are NOT using American writers. They are NOT using writers who speak English as their primary language. Do you want to save a few bucks, but get a paper written by someone making such a small wage?? Uh, no!

price calculator on
For a “Top” writer at Paper Coach, you will pay $14.50.
price calculator
For a basic writer, a 1-page book report at Paper Coach is only $10.00.

Online Reviews:

We found plenty of online reviews for Paper Coach. Be careful with reviews, as the good ones can be bought and paid for (not necessarily the case here, but you never know so be careful) and the bad ones can be fake (from nasty competitors). What you need to do is combine all of your research to make an informed decision when it comes to deciding if an essay service is right for you. review reviews for review reviews for

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Foreign company using foreign writers

~They LIE about their location when directly asked where the company is from

In a Nutshell:

We get such a gross vibe from Paper Coach. Why lie about your location? Why pretend to be an American company when you so clearly are NOT??

Bargain basement prices mean they’re using writers who come from third-world countries (that don’t speak English) who can get by on peanuts. Is that who you want writing your next paper??

They don’t have an “About Us” section for a reason. They don’t want you knowing who they are because if you did, you’d turn and run…screaming!

Find another essay writing company. You so deserve better!

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