Is Peachy Essay Legit?

Peachy Essay

Almost $56 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Videos on site aid in establishing credibility
  • From the UK (English-speaking country)
  • Chat agents always nearby


  • Outrageous prices
  • Complaints of rude customer service
  • British-English varies from American

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Who is Peachy Essay?

Peachy Essay is an online essay writing service located in the UK. You can spot this with the “44” before the phone number on their site. That is a country code (44).

A chat agent admitted they’re in the UK, which is nice. It’s always nice to be told the truth, right? So, score one for Peachy Essay!

They do claim they’ve been established since 2007…

Peachy Essay claims to have been established in 2007, but we can’t find any older reviews to back it up.

However, the oldest review we can find anywhere online is from 2020. That makes us wonder if their claim of being founded in 2007 is false. It could mean that they operated under a different name before, but if so, why not explain that on the site, too?

How Much is a Paper?

On the homepage at Peachy Essay, you’ll see a price calculator. We plugged in a basic college essay due in 2 days. It said the cost is $43.

The price calculator at Peachy Essay shows $43 per page.

As you’ll see below, though, if you want a native English-speaking writer, you’re going to pay almost $56 per page!! What?!?!

The real price is almost $56 per page!

Look, that’s astoundingly high! It might be the highest per-page price we’ve ever seen. And, if they’re in the UK, where are they getting their writers that they charge sooo much more for a native English-speaking writer? In other words, if they’re in the UK, shouldn’t their writers already speak English??

Online Reviews:

Peachy Essay has an impressive 1200 reviews on Sitejabber. That’s pretty good for an essay writing service. Some people get into whether or not these companies are paying for good reviews. We aren’t going to address that right now. Obviously, some companies do this. Who knows. You just have to combine all of your research and see if it’s a service you want to try or not.

Trustpilot bans Peachy Essay from using their site or being allowed reviews. They do this with essay services sometimes, and we aren’t sure why. Peachy Essay isn’t the only one to be banned on there, though.

The reviews on Sitejabber are mostly good. The negative ones are confusing because many reviewers give 2-3 stars but say the company is great. If they’re great, wouldn’t they give 4-5 stars? It’s almost like they were compensated to give positive reviews, but were foreign and didn’t understand the rating system? Just not sure on this one.

Again, don’t put all your faith in reviews. Take them with a grain of salt. Do your homework and see if an essay service has good customer service, fair prices, a legible website, and other important factors when you’re deciding.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~If the company is really in the UK, why do they charge 30% more per page for a native English-speaking writer? Shouldn’t their writers (if really in the UK) already speak English??

In a Nutshell:

There are definitely some good points about Peachy Essay. They rate highly on Sitejabber. They have chat agents ready to help. They have videos on their site to explain things and lend to credibility.

The “cons” would be that we aren’t sure they’re actually in the UK. They charge a whopping 30% more for native English-speaking writers! Why do they do that if they’re really in the UK, whose first language is English. This has to mean either A. They’re not in the UK. Or, B. They still use foreign writers. Either way, not good.

All of that is irrelevant, though, when you look at their staggering prices! Almost $56 per page if a project is due in 2 days???? Nothing justifies that. Nothing. These rates make Peachy Essay the most expensive essay service we’ve ever reviewed.

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