Is Save My Grade Legit? (Also, very likely operating at My Paper Help)

Save My Grade

$13.34 per page with 2 days' notice







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Who is Save My Grade?

Save My Grade and My Paper Help have pretty much the exact same chat agents and ordering system. Even the bot-generated offers when you try to get a paper are from the same writers. John W. and Nathan D. come up on My Paper Help, too.

A lot of foreign essay writing services online are the same operation, just masquerading as many different essay writing services so they can scoop up as many customers as possible. The problem? If you hate “XYZ Essay” then you might unknowingly get them time and again under different names. It’s deceptive at best.

Either way, prepare for cheap prices, but foreign-written papers.

How Much is a Paper?

A 1-page paper due in 2 days is just over $13.00. That screams foreign essay service. American and Canadian companies can’t charge that little for a paper. They’d never afford the overhead, plus, no American writers would work that cheap.

The writer’s take-home fee would be about $6 for this project. Honestly, think about it. Common sense tells us that no college-educated writer would be able to live on that, nor would they want to.

Within seconds of hitting the “go” button to get your estimate, you’re flooded with offers. This is clearly a bot because legit writers wouldn’t be able to review your project that fast. Seconds??

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

On the “Top Experts” page, Save My Grade claims that their writers have thousands of reviews.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, if these claims are true then when can we only find a teeny-tiny number of online reviews?

Why lie? You know? If you’re a newer company, just say so! Admit it, and ask people to give you a try for a reasonable price. But no, Save My Grade comes right out and lies by making outlandish claims about the number of customers they’ve served.

That rubs us the wrong way. How about you?

In a Nutshell:

These guys are foreign. Plus, they operate under many different essay service names so you never know who you’re really dealing with. They flood you with bids, harrass you with emails and pop-up chats. It’s not only overwhelming, but pushy and annoying, too.

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