Is Wow Essays Legit?

Wow Essays

$40 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Lies about location (But they are definitely a foreign company)
  • Outrageous prices
  • Won't speak to you at all unless you give out your name and email

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Who is Wow Essays?

About Us Page
About Us section at Wow Essays

While they don’t tell you who they are, what drives them as a company, or anything personal, Wow Essays has an About Us section you can check out on the site. They say they’ve been in business over 10 years, but if that’s true, where are all the reviews?

To find out more, we started a chat. Annoying because you have to provide a name and email just to initiate a chat conversation. That’s kind of bullying in our opinion. Can’t someone just ask a simple question or two without telling you who they are and giving you a personal email??

When we asked where Wow Essays is from, the chat agent took several minutes to reply. It was almost as if “Stella” was checking with someone to see how to best answer that question.

Wow Essays Chat conversation
The chat agent said Wow Essays is in London.

Stella, the chat agent, said the company is in London. We asked about Canada because we wanted to see if she’d admit to being outside of North America. If Wow Essays is in London, then why do you need to pay so much more for an English-speaking writer? Don’t they speak English in London??

If Wow Essays is in London like the chat agent says, why are they registered in New Jersey?

If Wow Essays is in London, why are they registered in New Jersey? And either way, why do you have to pay so much for a native English-speaking writer ($15 more per page!) if both of those locations speaks primarily English??

How Much is a Paper?

First and foremost, you have to provide an email just to get a basic price. That is ridiculous! Almost no essay services make you give a personal email for a basic price. Some do, though, and it’s just super ridiculous.

checkout page
For a native English-speaking writer, you will pay almost $40 per page at Wow Essays!

For a native English-speaking writer, you have to pay almost $40 per page at Wow Essays! Wow, all right! Man, that’s crazy! It’s not even an option to pick “Basic” or “Advanced” because that won’t get you an English-speaking writer. What a joke!

The industry average is about $25-$27 per page, not $40!

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot and Sitejabber each have exactly 25 reviews (at the time of this blog post) for Wow Essays. Is that suspicious? Eh, maybe. Maybe not. Just something to keep in mind. review page has 25 reviews for Wow Essays. review has 25 reviews for Wow Essay.

Notice that on Sitejabber and Trustpilot, Wow Essays BOTH show 5-star reviews for their service. That IS unusual. If we can get past each site having the exact same number of reviews, then it’s just going to be hard to accept that they’re ALL superior reviews. So, not one customer had even the slightest complaint??

Things to Consider Before Buying an Essay Here?

There are a ton of add-ons at Wow Essays. Everything from VIP Service ($15) to text messages ($4) to Editor’s Check ($8). It’s a lot, and really just another way to squeeze more money out of you.

In a Nutshell:

Look, Wow Essays is NOT based in an English-speaking country. Also, they charge $40 per page for a basic essay. That is way, way, way higher than the industry standard. Plus, they force a bunch of add-on services that are completely unnecessary.

We do NOT recommend this essay service. Not only are they astronomically expensive, but they are purposely deceptive when it comes to their location. Oh, and you have to give private info for a basic chat or estimate on a project. Ridiculous!

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