Is Kiwi Papers Legit?

Kiwi Papers

$14-$24 per page with 3 days' notice








  • Low prices
  • You don't need to pay in full upfront


  • Foreign company
  • Hard to get a price
  • Claims and facts contradict each other
  • Operates under multiple names

(Also conducts business under other names, including Edusson)

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Who is Kiwi Papers?

Kiwi Papers does not have an “About Us” section that tells the company’s backstory. What we were able to piece together is a little about their location and how the ordering process works.

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Kiwi Papers is located in Bulgaria, a country whose first language is not English.

On the “Contacts” page, Kiwi Papers says they are located in Bulgaria. Many foreign essay writing services claim to be in the US, so we found it nice that Kiwi admits to being in a non-native English-speaking country.

The phone number provided does work (not the case with all essay service phone numbers). We did not wait for a customer service agent to pick up, but it appeared to be a working number.

How the process works is you chat with an AI named Amy and answer some canned questions. Then you need to provide an email to proceed. Without doing these steps you cannot get even a starting estimate. You literally have no idea how much a paper is, or any type of range, unless you provide the email and answer the questions to a non-human!

After that, you will receive bids, choose a writer, pay part of the balance, and wait for your finished result.

Is Kiwi Papers Also Edusson?

Yes, from what we can tell Kiwi Papers and are the same outfit. With Kiwi, you have to provide an email to get an estimate. When you do, you immediately start getting a lot of junk mail and offers from both Kiwi Papers and Edusson (another essay writing service) that are worded exactly the same and come through at the exact same time. The only thing different is the company name.

Why does Kiwi feel the need to operate under multiple company names? Who knows, but it means you may have an unsatisfactory experience with them only to go on and unwittingly use them again. Not fair!

How Much is a Paper?

This process was terrible! Another essay writing service that will not give even a basic estimate without you providing a personal email and answering a bunch of stupid questions via chatbot. It is insulting, to say the least. All we wanted was a simple estimated price per-page, and it was like the Spanish Inquisition!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kiwi-prices-1024x541.png prices are about $14-$24 with 3 days’ notice.

We did not have the option to choose 2 days’ notice, so the above quotes (bids) are for 3 days’ notice. They range from $14-$24.

Online Reviews:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is today-trustpilot-kiwi.png reviews for Kiw Papers

Trustpilot shows 21 reviews, with 72% being positive and 28% being negative. Sitejabber shows 183 reviews, mostly positive. When it comes to reviews, please note that some companies pay for positive reviews (we have no proof that Kiwi Papers does or doesn’t) and also that some people leave fake bad reviews, too, to detract from a company’s success. That said, proceed with caution when considering reviews.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Low prices
  2. You don’t need to pay the entire balance upfront


  1. Foreign company located in Bulgaria
  2. Impossible to find a price range until you engage with a chatbot and provide your personal email
  3. Claims and facts seem to contradict one another
  4. Operates under multiple different names (meaning if you have a bad experience with Kiwi, you might get them again under one of their other names unknowingly)

In a Nutshell:

You have to provide an email before you can get even a rough estimate. The problem with this, is you haven’t got a chance to develop trust with Kiwi before they’re expecting your personal info. On top of that, once they get your email, you will be bombarded with emails from them and some of their other companies such as Edusson.

On their site, Kiwi Papers claims to have helped 100,000 customers, but a few lines lower, that number shows 14,000. That is quite a disparity! These are false claims, so be careful in that trust building we mentioned above.

There are a lot of other North American (English-speaking writers) out there. Do your homework and see what you think, but we do not recommend Kiwi as our go-to in essay writing services at this time.

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