Is Masterra Legit?


$23-$36+ per page with 2 days' notice








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  • Deceptive about location (We believe they are foreign)
  • Ridiculous upcharge (58%) for a "Top" writer
  • Bully you into giving an email right from the very start

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Who is Masterra?

Masterra keeps a supremely tight lid on their actual whereabouts. They claim to be in Kansas, but there are so many reasons we believe that to be false. It is our professional opinion (after conducting hundreds of reviews) that Masterra is a foreign essay writing service.

If you go to their site, you will quickly realize you aren’t getting far without providing a personal email. Don’t even think of giving Masterra a false email, either. We tried it and they booted us out of their system. You’ll see more about that below.

Masterra makes bold claims about their numbers, but fails to back them up with any proof.

How Much is a Paper?

The short answer is that Masterra charges $23-$36+ per page, but it’s worth reading our findings below

Masterra’s pricing page is really different from all of the other essay services we’ve reviewed or researched. Rather than give a basic “price per page” based on education level (high school, college, etc.) Masterra just gives examples of what your project “could” cost.

Masterra’s prices seem to range from $13.33-$20 per page, depending on what type of project you have.

We found the pricing to be confusing. Papers range from $13.33-$20 per page, but the info on their site doesn’t make it clear how those numbers are affected with shorter or longer deadlines.

To find out more about pricing, you are forced to provide your email address, something that never bodes well with us. It’s unnecessary at this early stage…

To get a basic quote, you need to give Masterra your email address.

Notice below, that you are immediately taken to the standard ordering page of a foreign essay writing service once you give your email. It’s the same old junk about “upgrading” to a more qualified writer and paying a TON more!! Look at the add-on fees for an “Advanced” or “Top” writer. Really, 58% more??

Masterra pulls the same thing that all foreign essay services do: making you pay a LOT more for “better” writers.

Now, look below to see that the MOST basic paper we could think to order at Masterra, will still cost you $23 per page. Not a terrible price, but nowhere near the $13 they claimed to charge on their pricing page.

The lowest price for any project we could get was $23.00 at Masterra.

Last thing about pricing…If you actually choose a “Top” writer, that same project will cost you $36.34 per page!! This, remember, is for a very basic 1-page essay.

A Form of Bullying By Masterra:

Masterra not only FORCES would-be customers to give an email address before checking out their prices, but get this: We tried to see what a “TOP” writer would cost and the system booted us off! Here’s why: When we were forced to give an email at the very, very earliest stage of browsing for a paper, we gave a fake email. Why should we give our real email when we don’t even know if we want to work with these guys?

Masterra booted us out of the system because we gave a fake email. Apparently you’re not allowed to browse the sight anonymously.

Apparently, you’re not even allowed to browse the site at Masterra without telling them exactly who you are. That’s called bullying.

Online Reviews:

Some essay services are masters at buying fake reviews. We can’t prove Masterra has done that, but a red flag is when we see very few reviews that are all super. Another red flag is when we have a bunch of negative findings on a company based on our own research, yet can only find great reviews.

That said, we checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot and here’s what we found. To further delve into Masterra’s reviews, check out those sites. shows 23 reviews for Masterra.

The complaints we found detailed problems with customer service, illegible text in the paper, and poor refund policy. You can read two of the negative reviews below.

Sitejabber negative review
Sitejabber negative review reviews for Masterra.

The negative reviews complained about poor customer service, low-quality writing, and false advertising (scam).

This reviewer was unsatisfied because of poor writing quality and even felt scammed by the writer’s initial picture and description.

An unhappy reviewer complained of poor-quality writing and feeling scammed.

Another reviewer was unhappy because he/she needed a refund for poor work, but was instead refunded to the site, forcing him/her to buy another paper when they didn’t want to.

This reviewer wanted a refund to his card, but was refused.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

Although Masterra are masters in disguise (we found location claims that said Kansas, Florida, etc.) we strongly believe they are a foreign company.

In a Nutshell:

The reasons we cannot recommend Masterra are numerous.

~ First, they are very shady when it comes to disclosing their real location.

~ Second, they force you to provide an email to get a basic price (and if you’re not comfortable doing that and you provide a fake one just to get a price, they’ll kick you out)

~ Third, their pricing page is very confusing

~ Fourth, and we’ll just stop here, is that they charge a whopping 58% more per page to get a supposedly “Top” writer

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