Is My Essay Geeks Legit?

My Essay Geeks

$32 per page with an essay due in 2 days








  • A lot of reviews on Sitejabber
  • Friendly chat agents
  • Been around since at least 2016


  • Higher priced than competition
  • British-English customer service (writers, too?)
  • Need to provide way too much info just to access chat

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Who is My Essay Geeks?

My Essay Geeks says they’re an essay service based in Provo, Utah. We can’t prove or disprove that. It’s really hard to find a company’s location if they don’t want it made public. We’ve seen essay services in India with domains registered in Boston. We’re not saying My Essay Geeks isn’t in the US, only that we can’t prove they ARE.

The reviews we found go back to 2016, so that’s how long we can be sure they’ve been in business. They have a lot of reviews on Sitejabber (see below) but very few on Trustpilot. about us page
Taken from the “About Us” section, you can read about My Essay Geeks here.

The above section is from the website’s “About Us.” We found at least 3 grammatical/syntax errors in the text, maybe more depending on how picky we want to be. It’s not the end of the world, right? But when you’re searching for professional writers, you just want to be sure they have their “stuff” together.

My Essay Geeks claims to have been around for over 10 years, but the oldest reviews we found (as we mentioned above) are from 2016.

How Much is a Paper?

Price Calculator
The price calculator on shows a price of just about $32 per page with a 2-day deadline.

As you proceed with the ordering process, My Essay Geeks asks for your first and last name, phone number, and email (early in the process). But the good news is, even though the price is higher than the competition, there don’t seem to be a lot of add-ons or upselling tactics going on with this service.

Still, you should just know that the price ($32 for a basic essay due in 2 days) is several dollars higher per page than the competition. You can get a great essay for about $27 per page at a few essay services we know off of the top of our heads. $5 more per page can really add up, you know?

Online Reviews:

This may be My Essay Geeks’ best selling point. They get very good reviews! And plenty of them! In fact, they show up at the number one essay writing service on Sitejabber, and have over 2,200 reviews on the site. Negative reviews all complain of plagiarism, so be careful there. Otherwise, that’s an impressive review score. The reviews go back to 2016, for the record.

Trustpilot only shows 34 reviews, which is really low. They get 3.5/5 stars, which again is low. So, you can check out reviews on this essay service and draw your own conclusions.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Their prices are higher than average (at least $5 per page higher than reputable essay services we have reviewed)

~They get good reviews on Sitejabber (and plenty of them)

Why the Different Logos?

The My Essay Geeks logo as shown on is different than the one shown on their website.
The My Essay Geeks logo on their website at the time of this review (Feb. 2022).

There might be a simple explanation here, but it certainly has us scratching our heads and wondering if this is even the same company??

In a Nutshell:

There are good and bad things about My Essay Geeks. The best seems to be that Sitejabber shows over 2,200 reviews (mostly good) which is really high. They rate number one on Sitejabber for essay writing services.

Their prices are higher than the competition. If the quality really is that good, some people might say it’s worth the price hike. Our question is, “Are they SO good that they can warrant being at least $5 higher than other really reputable essay writing companies?” You can decide!

Another “pro” might be that My Essay Geeks accept Bitcoin. That’s something you might be interested in, as not all essay services do accept it.

A definite “con” is that you have to provide a name, email, and phone number just to chat. Come on, My Essay Geeks! That’s asking an awful lot, don’t you think? says they’re in Provo, Utah. We can’t prove or disprove this. Some of the wording by chat agents and even in the review responses, seems British-English to us. You can check it out on Sitejabber, as it’s not our job to tell My Essay Geeks exactly where their red flags are. Needless to say, we aren’t certain they’re in the US. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Hmm…

Bottom line: You can give them a try based on the Sitejabber reviews, but know that you’re paying several dollars more per page than you would anywhere else.

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