Is Nerdify Legit?

Nerdify Review









  • Text/Cell phone friendly
  • Plenty of reviews to view


  • Cannot access info without giving a cell number
  • Suspiciously use two different websites for the same company
  • Poor reviews hint of bad refund policy

(Although there are two websites, and, they are the same company)

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How Does Nerdify Work?

Nerdify ( and gonerdify) asks you to enter a cell phone number to get started. Short of doing that, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find out much information on pricing, how things work, etc. We will provide you with the most detailed and accurate review, despite not giving them our personal cell phone information (which you should never have to do, let alone in the very early stages of browsing for papers online).

Who are the Writers at Nerdify?

Our guess is that the writers are non-native English speakers. They are very coy in divulging any information on the writers without a cell number being given out, and also without paying for a project. Even then, it’s unlikely you will know much about your writer or get to choose one for yourself.

Nerdify doesn’t tell you much about the writers before you pay.

Keep in mind, anyone can list colleges and say their writers are graduates from that university. Talk is cheap, though, and the best way to know the caliber of the writers is to speak with some of them. You can’t do that before paying on Nerdify…or, apparently, providing your cell phone number.

How About Pricing?

Without providing a cell phone number, you cannot gain access to a real quote from the team at Nerdify. This is unusual. Most essay writing services allow you to get a pretty good idea of what your paper will cost before you commit to giving personal information. Since this was just a review, we didn’t want to give our cell number out. Therefore, unfortunately we could not get anything more specific than what you see below.

Nerdify pricing is inaccessible on any level without providing a phone number.

What Type of Reviews Do They Have?

The good news is, there are plenty of reviews. The weird news is, they use the two different websites to get them. There are several good reviews, and plenty of mixed ones. Here is a sampling showing all sorts.

Trustpilot reviews for Nerdify.

It’s normal to have an array of reviews. If they were all outstanding, we’d be suspecting they paid for them. They still might pay for some reviews, who knows. But there are enough so-so reviews that we feel like you can get a good idea of what people really think.


  1. Lots of online reviews on and sitejabber
  2. Text/Cell phone friendly if that’s what you’re looking for


  1. You can’t get much information without providing a cell phone number right out of the gates
  2. The whole service is a mystery to anyone uncomfortable divulging personal information before having a chance to browse the services, talk to a writer or admin, or learn the ropes of the site before diving in
  3. Suspicious that they use two different names/sites but it’s all the same company (Why??)

In a Nutshell…

Any site that forces customers to give their personal cell phone information before being able to so much as ask a single question about the service, is kind of a bully in our opinion. It might be an “OK” service, but one should be allowed to find that out without being forced into sharing their cell number so soon. In any relationship, even business, it’s give and take. With Nerdify, it seems like they want to take, take, take, all before buying you a drink…so to speak. It screams unfair! That said, the reviews online seem to suggest you have a chance of doing all right with these guys if you start small and give very clear instructions.

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