Is Paperell Legit?


$32+ per page with 2 days' notice








  • You can pick your own writer
  • You can negotiate price with writer
  • Helpful chat agents


  • Foreign company (Bulgaria)
  • Higher prices than standard
  • Use foreign writers

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Who is Paperell?

Well, we can tell you right out of the gates that they’re from Bulgaria! Do you know the primary language in Bulgaria? Bulgarian! Do you know how to say even one word in Bulgarian? Neither do we! And we sure as heck wouldn’t try to write papers for college kids in Bulgaria if we were an essay service. So why are they writing American papers?

Paperell is from Bulgaria.

On a side note, does the name Paperell sound strange to you? Does it remind you of toilet paper for some reason? Anyway, moving on…

Let’s chat with an agent and see if he/she is helpful…

Chat agent keeps switching from Brooke to “Free help”

While chatting, the agent kept switching from Brooke to “Free help.” It was confusing.

Confirmation that Paperell is in Bulgaria.

How Much is a Paper?

We typed in a really basic prompt. It was for a 1-page book report on The Great Gatsby. We said we only needed the book as a source. We gave a 2-day deadline. They made us provide an email to get a simple quote, but here you go:

Much higher than standard pricing on a 1-page paper at Paperell.

When the prices range from $32-$53 for a basic 1-page paper on a ridiculously popular (most writers have read it) book, something is wrong!

Online Reviews:

We didn’t find many reviews on Paperell. This leads us to believe that they don’t have many customers, as people will usually talk about their experiences. shows 15 reviews for Paperell. shows 5 reviews for Paperell.

The complaints about Paperell were on writing quality. Since there are not many reviews, it’s hard to say what level of writing the service actually provides.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~They’re located in a foreign country

~Their prices are high

~You get to choose your own writer, which is rare (and a good thing)

~Very few online reviews

~Helpful chat agents

In a Nutshell:

There are both good and bad points to consider when buying a paper with Paperell. The number one pro is that you get to pick your own writer. The number one con is that the company is from Bulgaria, so it’s risky in the sense that you might get a foreign writer.

Aside from that, the company is higher in price than the competition, for sure. Since you get to chat with your writer ahead of time, you might be able to get a discount code or talk them down on the price a little, making it a more affordable risk.

If you give Paperell a try, leave them a review! They need some to help us all our in making our decision on whether to get our next essay with them.

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