Is Studyfy Legit?

$12 per page








  • Easy to use website
  • Rock bottom pricing


  • Foreign company
  • Deceptive about location
  • Unhelpful chat agents

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Who is Studyfy? support

Well, it’s hard to say if Studyfy is saying that Samuel, Robert, and Kathrin are the sole components of the team, or if the illustration is just an example of their help staff. Without knowing that, all we can really do is trace their domain. But before we do, let’s see what the chat agent has to say.

Chat is a Bot, not a real agent at Studyfy

At first, we got a Bot, not a human. The Bot couldn’t help, so they sent in Mario. I asked Mario where the company is located and here’s how that went.

A lot of other essay writing services we’ve seen in the past week alone claim to have that Kissimee, Florida address, only to be located in a foreign country like Cyprus. But let’s investigate where the domain is, shall we?

Risk for Malware with Studyfy

So there is a chance that Studyfy is in Tokyo, Japan. The scary part (other than how many of these essay writing services claim to be located somewhere they aren’t) is that apparently Studyfy poses a big Malware risk to your computer. Something to think about.

As with all chat agents on these essay service sites, they rush to close the sale, not truly offer would-be customers help. Look at the example below. Now, disclaimer, we do not expect chat agents or customer service reps to necessarily be experts in the subjects we buy papers on, but only that they admit their lack of knowledge. Possibly that they redirect us to a website or writer who could answer our questions. That, sadly, is never the case. They always brush us off, make false promises, and try hard to close the deal.

See how ridiculous this is? There is no octopus reference in “The House on Mango Street.” Again, no big deal if a chat agent doesn’t know this. We were testing, though, to see if they cared at all, cared enough to redirect us to someone who could help. Of course, all they wanted was to rush us into buying a paper. A North American company would have either known there are no octopuses in the book, or at the very least would have admitted they are uncertain.

Let’s Discuss Pricing:

The site doesn’t have a price calculator. You need to enter an email to get anything on prices. However, we saw that they “start at $6 per page” which is nuts. But when I asked Mario how much for the 2-page paper on “The House on Mango Street,” he said $25. We’re not sure what project would actually be $6 per page.

Chat agent at Studyfy redirects us to

Mario suggests we go to for the price calculator. Interesting, since we did not know the two were “sister” companies. Check out our review on Essay Pro here EssayPro ( Review – Professional writing service or scam?

What About Reviews?

We went to the trusted review sites and to see what people are saying about Studyfy.

Studify reviews on Sitejabber
Trustpilot has no reviews on Studyfy.

So about the reviews, Trustpilot shows no reviews and Sitejabber has only 14 reviews, all perfect. So is Studyfy a superb company that gets only great reviews? Or, is it possible that they’ve paid for the few reviews they do have? Who knows!

Pros & Cons:


  1. The site is easy enough to navigate
  2. The reviews on Sitejabber are good


  1. Might have paid reviews (see note above in review section)
  2. Could be a foreign company
  3. Operating under multiple business names
  4. Cannot get a price estimate unless you provide personal info
  5. False website claims (regarding price, location of company, and writer qualifications)

In a Nutshell:

Our final word on Studyfy is that they might be worth trying, but beware! They operate the company under various other names. This means that if you had a bad experience, let’s say with, then you’re actually getting the same guys here at Studyfy and you probably didn’t know it! They claim low prices ($6 per page), but when asked how much for a 2-page book report, the chat agent said $25. That is still a crazy-low price (likely meaning foreign writers) but it’s dishonest at best. We cannot recommend Studyfy at this time. If they clean up their act and start getting clear about where they’re located, pricing, etc. and if they get some more legitimate reviews, then we’ll revisit this one.

One more thing: When we asked Mario how long the company has been around (which might account for why there are so few reviews online) his status was set to “Away.” We waited a while and tried again. Here’s what he said.

If the company has truly been around “well over a decade,” then where are the reviews?

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