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Who is University Writing

In the “About Us” section, there is an animated video that, although clever, although comprehensive, doesn’t sit well with us.

For example, you can’t pick your own writer? Not cool. Also, if this essay service has been around since 2011 like they say, where are the reviews? You won’t find any online.

Lastly, check out the prices below! We’ve never seen such insulting prices on admission’s essays.

How Much is a Paper?

price calculator
University Writing 911 charges almost $52 per page? Unheard of!

To go further into the ordering process, University Writing 911 asks for a LOT of information!

Contact information page
Why does University Writing 911 ask for so much information upfront…just to get a quote??

You can see from the ridiculous price above (almost $52 per page!) that University Writing is off their rocker! No essay writing service that we’ve ever reviewed had prices that crazy.

No writer is good enough to warrant such a high per-page price on a simple creative writing project, which is exactly what an admission’s essay is.

Online Reviews:

If University Writing has been around since 2011, as their site says, then where are the reviews? We couldn’t find even one! review page shows no reviews for University Writing 911. review page has no reviews for University Writing 911.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Highest prices we’ve ever seen

~For a good laugh, check out their blog posts that are nothing but unintelligible nonsense and blank pages. We have no idea what they were trying to accomplish with these, but it’s kind of scary!

In a Nutshell:

Hmm, insulting prices, no online reviews, and requiring a stupid amount of personal information to get a basic price? No thanks!

We can’t suggest you get a paper with University Writing because they don’t even seem like a legit essay service. It would be useless to even give them a try since you’d be paying over $51 per page! Not worth it, no matter how good the writing might be!

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