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$26 per page for 48 hours' notice








  • Easy to navigate website
  • Prices high but not unreasonable


  • Foreign company (writers)
  • Bait and switch pricing
  • Lying about company location/name
  • No online reviews on major review sites

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First Impressions

When you do a Google search for “write my essay,” the first thing to come up is this (screenshot below). Notice the price.

False price to lure customers in at Write My Essays

But then you click on that link and see this homepage on the site. Not only is the lowest price available $10 per page, but check out that outrageous 20-day deadline! No one gives 20 days notice on projects. How could we? Most of us think when we’ve got nearly 3 weeks to do a paper, surely we’ll be able to handle it ourselves, right? Then when we can’t, that’s when we look for a service to help us out (meaning notice is more like 24 hours-3 days).

That is the first impression we got when looking into Write My Essays. A company that tries to bait you in with stupidly low prices that sound too good to be true (because they are!) is insulting at best, completely fraudulant at worst.

Where is Write My Essays Located?

The company claims to be in Philadelphia, but the domain is registered in Cyprus. And who the heck is Fresh Essays?

Is Write My Essays also Fresh Essays? Consusing!
Write My Essays is not based in the states, despite false website claims.

Unfortunately, they keep a tight lid on that information which almost surely means they are outside of the US, UK, or Canada. Normally, when companies are from native English-speaking countries, they like to brag about that since prospective customers are primarily from English-speaking countries.

Who Makes up the Team at Write My Essays & How Long Have They Been Around?

The site says they’ve been in the business since 2010. Likely, that doesn’t mean the past eleven years have all been conducting business under the name Write My Essays, though.

If they’ve been around that long under this name, then there would be more reviews. We’ll get to the reviews in a moment. But first, notice that they claim to have helped thousands of clients. The reason that’s important to make note of, is because we’re going to show you some very prominent review sites soon, and there is not a single review posted on this company. If they’ve helped thousands, then shouldn’t someone be talking about their experience?

What Services Do They Offer?

List of services for Write My Essays

When you click on any of these links, nothing happens. They are broken links. It would have been nice to delve into the subjects further. For example, we were wondering what essay topics they list. But nothing comes up when you click the links, so we can just assume they probably offer very much the same services that other essay writing services offer.

So, What are the Real Prices?

When you use the calculator on their homepage and give a 2-day notice (24 hours), a 1-page high school paper is $26 per page. Frankly, that’s a bit higher than the competition. The problem isn’t that extra dollar or so per page. No, the issue we have is that they claim to be $7 a page on Google, $10 a page on their homepage, but are actually nowhere near that price when you type in a reasonable deadline.

The real price of a 1-page paper on Write My Essays

Let’s Talk About Reviews

Trustpilot and Sitejabber are two highly credible review sites. Let’s take a look at what kind of reviews Write My Essays gets on there. Remember, this is a company that claims to have helped thousands of clients and been in business for 11 years. shows NO reviews of Write My Essays. shows NO reviews of Write My Essays.

When an essay writing service has no reviews, consider that highly suspicious that the ones they show as testimonials on their site or on social media are paid for. Period. Think about it. When you love a service (or product), don’t you at least some of the times, stop and write a review? How about it you hate it? You definitely write a review at least sometimes to warn others. But after supposedly 11 years in business and thousands of satisfied clients, why are there no reviews on the biggest review sites online? Two words: RED FLAG!

Pros & Cons:


  1. $26 per page for high school isn’t astronomical (IF the quality is there in the finished product)
  2. The site is easy enough to navigate
  3. There are no blinding errors on the site (grammatical, syntax, etc.) which is always a scary sign when we find that


  1. Lying about where they’re located
  2. Foreign writers
  3. Bait and Switch pricing ($7 vs. $26 per page)
  4. NO online reviews (huge red flag!)

Final Thoughts:

First and foremost, it gets really old when essay writing services claim to be in the US or other North American locations, but are actually in non-native English speaking countries.

Secondly, when a company lures customers in with false claims of ridiculously low prices, only to shock them with the real price when they go to order, that’s crappy. That is deceptive, time wasting, and rude. Just say what your real prices are, then back them up with great quality writing. To do otherwise is such a disservice to customers and other reputable essay writing services that do not wish to be lumped in with the other “used car salesman” of essay writing.

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