Is Writers Per Hour Legit?

Writers Per Hour

$32.39 per page for native English speaker








  • Typical list of services
  • Some online reviews (not many)


  • Foreign company
  • 35% upcharge for native English speaking writer
  • Prices higher than competition

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Who is Writers Per Hour?

How Much is a Paper?

Very hard to understand the text within the Writers Per Hour website.

Have you ever known an American to speak like that? How about a Canadian? Someone from the UK? No? Neither have we! Imagine what your paper will look like if they can’t even get a grip on the English language enough to create reputable web content!

But on to pricing…

It is either that Writers Per Hour neglected to change the part we have the arrow pointing to, or something else is up. The reason we say that is that it’s highly unusual for a price to stay the same when a customer switches from double-space to single. One double-spaced page is about 275-300 words, but single-spaced means about 600 words per page. No essay writing service will give you 600 words for the price of 300.

The price changes substantially once you enter more data.

Notice that when you get a little further into the ordering process, you have the option to switch to single-spacing. When you do, the price doubles. We expected that, but it was not advertised as such on the initial price calculator.

Also, notice that to get a native English-speaking writer, there is a 35% upcharge! Why should you have to pay that much more to get an English-speaking writer? That changes the per-page price to $32.39 per double-spaced page!

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot showed zero reviews and Sitejabber showed 49 at the time of this writing. Look at some of the reviews on Sitejabber, and we’ll address the reviewer’s complaints. review for Writers Per Hour.

Here is their reply:

This reply by an agent at Writers Per Hour is clearly written by a foreign writer.

If you take a moment to read the agent’s reply, it is so garbled that it’s almost illegible. No American, Canadian, or other native English speaker talks or writes this way. “Yes, we have late with your order.” “It was 5 or 6 pages master paper in 8 hours and our writer late with submission in 3 hours.” What?? “Also partial refund has already proceeded to you as agreed.” Come on! Unacceptable.

Sitejabber negative review for Writers Per Hour.

In this review, the customer says that Writers Per Hour has a non-working phone number. So, naturally we thought we’d try calling it. However, the website no longer lists a phone number at all.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Typical list of services
  2. Some online reviews (hard to say if they are all real)


  1. Foreign company
  2. 35% upcharge to get a native English-speaking writer
  3. Prices higher than the competition
  4. Very few reviews

In a Nutshell:

We never like to see upcharges for services that should be included in the price of a standard paper. For example, to be guaranteed plagiarism-free work, to request a writer, or to get a native English-speaking writer. Writers Per Hour charges for some of these feautures. When they ask you to pay 35% for a native English-speaking writer, that is disheartening.

Their prices are higher than most of the competition. We always say that if a company utilizes American (or even North American) writers, it’s worth paying a little more. However, it appears that Writers Per Hour is not in North America.

Our thoughts? Do your own research, but tread lightly since these guys appear to be a foreign company that charges you much more for an English-speaking writer. On top of that, there are so few reviews to go on, it’s hard to formulate a strong case for going with Writers Per Hour.

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