Is Get All Papers Legit?

Get All Papers

$17 per page








  • Friendly chat agents
  • Cheap prices


  • Foreign
  • Deceptive about location
  • Foreign writers

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Who is Get All Papers?

Get All Papers is a foreign essay writing service based in Kenya. They’ll try to persuade you to trust their services by making you think they’re in the US, though.

What American chat agent would provide their first and last name? None, that’s who. This agent tried to tell us he’s in Florida, but even the address on the website is something foreign.

When you see how low the prices are for essays, you’ll understand why it’s obvious to us that these guys at Get All Papers are foreign.

How Much is a Paper?

This is obviously a very low price for an essay due in 2 days. The average is about $27 so you can see why we’re skeptical. This is further evidence, though, that Get All Papers is foreign. No American could write your paper for a price that low. You wouldn’t want them to…imagine the quality!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:


~Fake writer profiles (see below)

~Very few reviews online (see below)

In a Nutshell:

Get All Papers is yet another foreign essay writing service that tries to make you think they’re in the states. It would be one thing if they provided value, for example, saying “Here’s why us being in Kenya doesn’t matter…” and then provided you solid reasons for giving them a try.

Instead, they lie about there whereabouts, push hard for the sale, and have zero desire to actually calm your fears about hiring someone to write your paper. You’re nothing but a dollar sign to them. It’s just not like that with all essay writing services.

There are better guys out there to do your project. You can get an essay written by an American writer who will answer your questions and treat you like a person.

Jump to our review on our BEST PICK for online essay services at Killer Papers Review – Is Legit?!

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