Is Legit? (Updated 2022)

Killer Papers (

$27 per page

Quality of essay


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  • Communication
  • American writers
  • Social media following
  • High quality


  • Takes awhile to get a bid
  • No support hotline
  • Site is unclear about ordering process

Killer Papers is our top-rated essay writing service! homepage.

While lesser-known than some large competitors in the essay writing game, Killer Papers ( has made a name for itself in large part due to its customer service, base of American writers and funny social media presence. But will a Killer Paper get you a Killer grade? Read below to find out.

Is Killer Papers legit?

Before we answer that, it’s important to take a look through their website, One will notice off the bat that it’s not as advanced and feature-rich as some competitor sites, but it does have a feeling of being a small, owner-operated business run by an anonymous guy. For instance, most of the pages on the site are written by KP, who bills himself as the owner of Killer Papers, and there are even links to a podcast where he talks about his experience building the business (though it looks like KP has not updated this recently).

One also will see that on there is a link to a page talking about False Reviews. Yes, it appears he is aware of a major practice in the essay writing service industry where essay writing services will write poor reviews about other services (often citing false information) in order to discredit those services, and then they promote their own services with glowing reviews (often based on false information).

He mentions that most of the reviews published online are false, and that if you want to know what they are all about, read their blog posts, listen to the podcast and especially message the writers to discuss your paper. You can chat with each writer for a while and there is no obligation to purchase anything.

Who are the writers on

So that begs the question, who are the writers on Killer Papers? It appears that they are largely a group of American, Canadian and ex-pats who write as a side hustle. While many sites we’ve come across feature writers from Kenya or other countries where the labor (and quality) are low, KP seems to have taken a different approach. He says he hired many of these writers while they were in college and it sounds like most of them have been with him since at least 2017.

Interestingly, the online publication,, recently published a piece written by an anonymous former writer from The article details who the writers are, how the hiring process works and even how much money the writers make. Given that this is a top-tier publication and news source, this gave us strong confidence when considering our purchase.

To get started with my Killer Papers order, I messaged a few writers to ask a some questions. My favorite writers were Tom, Kellie and Marie. They were all friendly and reminded me of people I went to school with. I asked them a few questions and they gave helpful answers that weren’t robotic or odd-sounding unlike what we often encounter on other sites. This is protocol from the site owner: Always have a conversation with your writer before making your purchase. A lot of competing websites have bots or foreign customer service agents doing the communication, not the actual writer, and that’s not good because every paper is unique and has certain guidelines that must be closely adhered to.

It seems that these writers are mostly Canadian or American and enjoy writing as a passion but also a way to make extra money. Quick chats with them will answer the questions you have, but be warned you are only able to receive up to three bids.

Killer Papers quality

The essay we bought from Tom blew us away. It didn’t just meet expectations, it exceeded them as it was delivered ahead of schedule and he noted he ran it through Grammarly premium. It’s nice that the writer cared enough to do a Grammarly plagiarism and grammar/spelling check. The paper sounded more professional than anything we’ve encountered.

We only purchased one paper, so it remains to be seen the quality of the other writers. But based on reviews posted on their site and Instagram that date back as far as 2017, it seems like they have a solid team.

Killer Papers Reddit Reviews & Others

Reddit has limited reviews on Killer Papers, but we were able to find a few that seem legit.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

It’s also worth mentioning that the owner of Killer Papers has made a video about some of the reviews on Reddit and why he believes they are false/fake. He mentions that the Reddit community, r/essayforall, is run by a person who actively endorses a service he seems to work for, while allowing others and bots to write false things about KillerPapers and other sites.

What other essay service review sites are saying:

There are a few other reviews on that we can find. Some are littered with poor grammar, spelling and punctuation, so we assume them to be false.

Here are a few seemingly legit reviews:


In a Nutshell:

Killer Papers is a legit writing service for high school and college students. While their website is not as fancy as that of some of their competitors, they make up for it in quality and communication. We were happy that our writer on, Tom, stayed in touch and delivered a well-thought-out, competitive essay. The quality was higher than any competitor we’ve reviewed. Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of

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  1. Tom is THE MAN!!! And Marie to LOL. They saved my ass this summer. Between working 50+ hours a week at my internship and hanging out with my girlfriend there wwas barely any time to get shit done with my online classes. They came in clutch and helped me pass with flying colors! Can’t recommend Killer Papers enough!

  2. Just won the giveaway on IG! I’ve used them several times and it’s always been quality. Occasiaonlly there will be a small hiccup but there are very few services that actually do essays legitly. Glad I found Killer Papers!!

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