Is Studybay Legit?


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Who is Studybay?

On the Studybay website, they have an “About Us” section that lists some of their stats. You can see that they have some really high numbers. It’s hard to know if any of them are accurate since there’s no proof provided.

On Sitejabber, a popular review site, they do have a substantial amount of reviews and an overall good rating so that’s promising.

Otherwise, the site does list pictures and author profiles. That’s more than most online essay writing services offer.

As for where they’re located, check out the contact information below (from their website).

As we always say, if you’re an American student you probably want a native English-speaking writer.

How Much is a Paper?

What is with this outrageous pricing? Come on! We’ve NEVER heard of an online essay writing service charging a hundred plus bucks for a 1-page paper with 2 days’ notice! That is truly one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen in all our reviews!

The prices alone are reason enough to steer clear of Studybay! Think about it: This is a foreign essay writing service based in Cyprus. The cost of living is much lower there and even if it wasn’t, they use writers from countries where the dollar stretches way, way further than the US and Canada! So, why the ridiculously high pricing?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~Foreign essay writing service

~Lots of reviews on sites like Sitejabber to consider when making your decision

~Bombarded with offers and pop-up chat messages while considering your options (see below)

Does this sound like an American? Uh, not at all, right?

In a Nutshell:

The bottom line is that Studybay is based in Cyprus and employs foreign writers…just like so many other online essay writing services. The worst part isn’t even that they’re foreign. It’s that they push a false persona of being Americans.

Check out the Studybay website and see for yourself. They use model photos instead of real writer pictures. They claim every writer is a Ph.D. or other high degree holding employee. They give no proof of that, and it’s safe to say it’s just altogether untrue. How many Ph.D. holding writers are really sitting around waiting to write a high school paper?

If Studybay is going to lie about their writers and their locations, and charge astronomical prices for papers, what is there to really say? You can do way better.

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