Is My Super Geek Legit?

My Super Geek

$35 per page








  • Foreign
  • False claims about writers' education

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Who is My Super Geek?

What kind of company (essay writers or otherwise) doesn’t have an About Us section? Sadly, many essay writing services we’ve reviewed don’t care enough about building business relationships with prospective customers, and therefore don’t have any sort of “About” section. That’s the case with My Super Geek.

What we can tell you is that they’re foreign. The company is based in Cyprus, which is also the case with so many online essay writing services. I don’t know about you, but if I’m a US citizen or student at an English-speaking university, I want a native English-speaking writer!

How Much is a Paper?

To get a quote, you fill out a questionnaire which is pretty short and easy. But, to get an estimate, you have to give an email. We gave a fake one and got bumped through the process anyway. Not sure why My Super Geek is so set on collecting your email in the earliest phase of the ordering process.

These are just a few of the recommended writers. Notice the ridiculous names and titles. “Prof. Jusper?” “Dr. Amely?” One thing for sure, the writers at My Super Geek in Cyprus (first language there is Greek) are NOT professors and doctors! Additionally, they are fake profile pictures to make you believe you can relate to these writers.

The prices have quite a range, but they…like so many other foreign essay writing services, have different levels of writers.

GOLD Writers are 10% more

PLATINUM Writers are 20% more

Studies show that most people will end up choosing the midde option when there are three available. So, most people will probably go for the GOLD writer, and My Super Geek knows that. Yeah, the GOLD is 10% more…

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Here:

~This company is foreign

~The chat agents are unwilling to actually chat (it’s all business and don’t ask where they’re located!)

In a Nutshell:

Nothing about this essay writing service makes it a viable option for your next paper. Really. They lie about where they’re from. The chat agents are rude and will block you if you ask where they’re located. They’re foreign and use foreign writers, and try to upcharge for things that should be free.

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