Is Paper Help Legit?

$24 per page (2 days notice)








  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Wide Selection of Services
  • A Lot of Online Reviews


  • Charging More for "TOP" Writers
  • Site Content Looks Like it was Written by a Foreign Writer
  • Grammatical Errors on Site are Red Flags

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Read on for a full review of this essay service that claims to hire all native English-speaking writers. Are they telling the truth? Let’s find out!

Let’s Start with Who are the Writers at

As with almost all online essay writing services, PaperHelp claims they only hire native English speakers. They state that they hire writers from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. OK so far, but then look at the third image below, labeled “TOP writer.” It says that a TOP writer is a native English speaker, and that you have to pay more money for one of these people to write your paper. Why?? What language are the “Basic” and “Advanced” writers speaking?

Source: writer levels are confusing.

And again here it is saying customers pay more for a TOP writer, which by their definition is a native English-speaking writer!

And again here…

Finally, look at the illustration below. Hone in on numbers 1 and 7.

Moving on to Pricing:

Depending on several factors, the prices vary by several dollars per page. That is typical for most services. Very few (if any) essay services charge a flat rate because of the large swing in difficulty levels on individual projects. But advertises a really low per-page rate that you only learn the truth about after filling out some specific information. For example, look at the illustration below.

The page rates listed above are probably not accurate because they are quoted on you not needing the paper done for 15 days! Who gives 15-days notice? Most of us aren’t in a position to do that, but rather we give more like a day or two’s notice.

The above price is for a one-page high school paper. $12, right? But the image before said that it was $10. So we have differing price claims depending on which page of their website you visit!

See the above image? See how the price of that $12 paper now jumps to $23? Here’s why: In the first image ($12) the deadline was 15 days out. That’s crazy! But in the second example, I made the deadline 2 days out. Now, don’t get us wrong. $23 is still a little lower than most, but it’s the deception of the thing that doesn’t settle well with us. If the average is actually $22-24 per page, why create the false assumption of a $10-$12 per page rate but it’s only because you made a ridiculously far-out deadline?

Moving on to Where is Located?

They’re vague. That’s what we can conclude. They, of course, give a US address in the “Contact Us” section, but that’s par for the course. The language used throughout the website lends to believing they are not located in America. For example…

The above image shows an excerpt from the “About Us” section on the site. It doesn’t read like a native English speaker wrote it. We could edit it and circle the errors, make notes showing all the flubs, but if you read it you’ll see for yourself that it’s just very “off.”

Regardless of their location, there are grammatical and careless writing errors throughout the site. We’ll just show you a few, but suffice it to say, they’re peppered all over the site. If you’re an essay writing and editing service, that’s a big no-no!

Example 1: No period on the end of this sentence. It might be a little error, but it’s not the only one. Plus, would you be OK with them leaving a period off one of your sentences?

Example 2: Weird wording (Conjures up The Grinch saying, “Holiday who-bie what-y?”) that just doesn’t roll off the tongue at all.

Example 3: More odd phrasing. Take a look…

Let’s Look at Some Reviews:

Heather (who only has this one sitejabber review) says…

Omie with 0 Reviews says…

Stephanie says…

And Michael says…

Source: sitejabber reviews are either glowing or terrible.

Time to Wrap this Up:


  1. Pricing isn’t bad, but don’t go by the advertised fee. Punch in more specific info, especially the due date to get your real estimate.
  2. They have a lot of online reviews. Sure, some are bad but that’s true for all companies. In general, the reviews are all right. The only thing that raised a red flag for us was that so many 5-star reviews were trying to upsell customers to picking TOP writers. Hmm…
  3. They look like they can handle just about anything based on their selection in the “services” tab.
  4. They offer plenty of discount codes (just read the fine print because on some of them you need to spend $500 to get 5% off.


  1. The prices change depending on what page of the site you’re on. Plus, the price boasted about on their home page is for a paper with a 15-day deadline!
  2. A lot of strangely written text in their site content. Reads like it was a foreign writer.
  3. The claims of hiring only native English-speaking writers seems completely false. Otherwise, they wouldn’t push you to get a TOP writer because those are the native English speakers. Also, on another page of the site it says 88% of their writers are native English speakers. It’s too confusing and smells fishy to us.

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  1. Unfortunately on my essay I was docked a lot of points and received a D for having no clear thesis statement or goal and a lot of useless biographical information. On this project, I spent $190 and messaged to make sure I would have a clear thesis statement and a goal to work towards. In a peer review session with my teacher, I was told I would basically have to rewrite the essay as it has no clear thesis and is full of biographical information on the writer, not even the book. I will go elsewhere as PaperHelp did nothing to help rectify the situation.

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