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  • Wide variety of services
  • Chat reps that answer questions quickly


  • Customer service agents are from a non-English speaking country
  • Pushy chat agents trying to upsell
  • Slim chance at a refund if unhappy
  • Unrealistic claims about writers' education/degrees

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Where is Best Essays located?

Best Essays, just like College Paper, claims to be in Delaware but will tell you via chat (if you ask) that their customer service agents are all based in Manila, Philippines. Now, why that matters is that…well, it’s a lie. They are not an American-based company, nor is English their first language. So right out of the gates, these essay services are lying to their customers. They do not want to admit they are a foreign company with non-native English speaking writers. Therefore they give the address where they bought their website, which in this case is Delaware.

It is critical if you are from the U.S. or another English-speaking country, that your papers read like English speakers write and talk. When you get a paper back from a foreign writer, no matter how hard they try, you’ll know the paper is “off” and will not come across as professional, academic, or even natural.

How Best Essays Works

The website has a pricing guide that is detailed, but confusing. When you take a minute to look it over you’ll see that unless you give 10 days notice, the prices are not as competitive as you might have initially thought. Most students do not have 10 days to wait around for a paper, either. When you compare a 1-page college paper based on the notice you give the company, the price jumps from $20.41 for 10 days notice to $39.28 for a 1-day notice. Now, $39.28 is not a terrible price for a 24-hour notice 1-page paper, but consider that this price is a general guideline so depending on your requirements, the price could very likely be higher.

Customers Do Not Pick Their Own Writer

We all like to feel like we’ve gotten a “deal” on something, right? It’s nice to have bids and choose the one that fits your budget. But additionally, it’s great when you can chat with your writer before making your purchase. This way you can see if your visions for the project align. This is not the case with Best Essay. They choose your writer for you. You cannot speak with the writer before paying for the project. If you have any problems with the writer or the project itself, it appears quite difficult to do anything about it. You’re pretty much out the price of the paper at that point.

What Do People Have to Say About Best Essays?

There are not a lot of reviews, which is a red flag in and of itself, but the one’s we found are almost entirely negative. Both writers and customers have a lot of scathing things to say about this company.

P.S. We have found you can tell a lot about a company by the way they treat their employees, so beware that the writers say so many terrible things about Best Essays.

Embellishing or flat-out deception?

We found so many holes in the claims on their website that our trust in this company is sinking quickly! First, they say they have 1,000 writers which is outlandish. But even if it were true, why are so few of them active at any given time? Check out the images taken from their website…

With “23 years of experience,” Where are all of the Reviews?

Like we mentioned above, there are not many reviews, and the ones we found were almost completely bad with seemingly no happy customers. In 23 years, shouldn’t they have amassed thousands of reviews?

The list of deceptions is long, but to save time we’ll just list a few more. They claim their writers all have master’s degrees and Ph. D.’s. With what they pay them, it is ridiculous to think that thousands of writers holding such high degrees could exist on that salary. They say they have satisfaction guaranteed, but ask around on the chat with their own agents to learn that they close the window on refunds after 3 days, meaning if life happens (you get sick or travel, your professor doesn’t give your grade back for a week, etc.) you have zero chance at a discount, refund, or any resolution to your issue. Finally, they claim to have such competitive, affordable prices but when you look closer, there are hidden fees, catches (needing to give 10 days notice), and discounts offered only if you show a lack of interest in your original price.

In a Nutshell:

We here at Essay Review Hub place integrity at the top of our list when choosing an essay service. When we find a lie, or even something highly suspicious, on a site, it sets the stage for a shaky relationship. So in a nutshell, with the amount of deception Best Essays puts on their site, it almost doesn’t matter that they employ non-English speaking writers, refuse to give refunds, do not allow you to select the writer you are comfortable with, and tack on hidden fees to the point where a one-page paper could end up costing you $81.00!

Best Essays lost us at hello, basically. If you want honesty, integrity, and quality, you would be best to look for a service with higher ratings, English-speaking writers, and a believable website.

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